Life is filled with interesting situations, and new things happen everyday. Whether someone had a good day or a bad day, it's important to be motivated and how to handle what is being thrown at us. Envisioning success may be easy or hard for a person. Here are 11 quotes that demonstrate how humans can reach success:

1. Every moment matters

Every moment matters, each day is an opportunity for growth whether for better or for worse. Learning to recognize that each day is worthwhile as it will allow someone to learn from their mistakes or relish their accomplishments.

2. Nobody is perfect

At least someone who was not successful had faith in trying. No matter the outcome, mistakes are natural ways of development. Keep on trying, the next time will be a much better outcome.

3. Good vibes only

Everyone should be and feel loved for who they are. Nobody should have to change to be loved. Make the world a better place by finding individual qualities that makes somebody unique.

4. The sky is the limit

Hector Cervantes

In order for success, one must go above and beyond, and never limit themselves to staying inside the box. If you have a big idea, try it. People often surprise themselves with their own thinking and creativity.

5. Recovering from setbacks to reach victories matters

Everyone has gone through defeat. Whether the defeat was small or large, what matters is bouncing back and trying to regain the victory they want.

6. Negative situations lead to more victory down the road

The journey in getting someone can be difficult, and bumpy. Individuals need to understand that the most taxing journeys can lead to success. In other words, bigger and better places and ideas lie ahead of all the obstacles.

7. Knowledge is power

Learning is a life skill that is taught in early ages. Besides in education, everyone can learn and benefit from it every single day. Knowledge is a gift that allows someone to unlock a certain level of wisdom.

It's what you do on a given day that matters

Treat everyday as an opportunity to learn and grow more. Through learning this people can make the most of their day and realize they are important whether if they achieve success one day or face bitter defeat the next day.

9. The way a situation is handled makes a difference in the outcome

Everyone has gone through tough times, but in order to get by these dilemmas people should realize how they approach a situation affects the outcome. Therefore, approach a situation in a calm way and do not put the blame on the person.

10. Be bold and take risks

Never shy away from an opportunity or an open door. A person will never know what comes out of that opportunity if they don't ever try.

11. Face the situation at hand, and don't shy away from it

Dealing with difficult situations is the test for humans. Some may want to run away from it, but doing that will only make the situation much more worse, and the outcome would not be resolved. Instead, people need to be brave and face those problems in order to be successful.