Quotes From The Most Iconic Personalities Of BBC's "Top Gear" To Help Get Us Into the New Year

Quotes From The Most Iconic Personalities Of BBC's "Top Gear" To Help Get Us Into the New Year

That's right, your favorite car personalities are still helping us navigate the terrifiyng roads of life.

Top Gear

As we enter into the new year it should be a time where we reflect on important ideas that drive us through this new one, whether they be good, bad, or just neutral. As I was perusing through youtube I came across a video of funny moments from the BBC television show, "Top Gear", which was sadly discontinued a couple of years ago. Though the show may be gone the iconic personalities of the show, Richard Hammond, James May, and Jeremy Clarkson still continue to warm the hearts of their adoring fans. With the new Amazon special featuring these three crazy motorists enthusiasts, (try saying that five times fast), what better way to kick off the new year then by presenting ten of their most memorable quotes.

1. "I've been told by BBC that if I make one more offensive remark, anywhere, at any time, I will be sacked. And even the angel Gabriel would struggle to survive with that hanging over his head. It's inevitable that one day, someone, somewhere will say that I've offended them, and that will be that."-Jeremy Clarkson

As we go into this new year I hope that we remember that while it is important to respect everyone beliefs and opinions we should not be so stuck on political correctness that we forget that we also need to be able to stick up for ourselves. People will not always like what you have to say but life is too short to be constantly walking on egg-shells and second guessing every move you make.

2. "And I like my Pygmy goats, because they are lovely, and ducks." - Richard Hammond

Sometimes, it is important to just stop and think about all of the little things in life that makes us happy.

3. “These people go on to tell us that mobile phones will cook our children’s ears, that long-haul flights will fill our legs with thrombosis and that meat is murder. They want an end to all deaths – and it doesn’t stop there. They don’t even see why anyone should have to suffer from a spot of light bruising.

Every week, as we filmed my television chat show, food would be spilt on the floor, and every week the recording would have to be stopped so it could be swept away. ‘What would happen,’ said the man from health and safety, ‘if a cameraman were to slip over?’ ‘Well,’ I would reply, ‘he’d probably have to stand up again.” -Jeremy Clarkson

Mistakes happen and it is important to let them happen. We cannot expect to go through this life and think that the world is just going to provide us sunny days and happy moments. For it is the slip ups, the rainy days, and the constant struggle that causes us to grow, and realize just how precious the sunny and happy moments are.

4. “I’ve noticed that ‘news’ is not what’s happened. It’s what’s happened on camera. If a herd of tigers runs amok in a remote Indian village, it’s not news. If a gang of wide-eyed rebels slaughters the inhabitants of a faraway African village, it’s not news. But if it’s a bit windy in America, it is news. Because in America everything that happens is recorded. I find myself wondering if last week’s Israeli raid on a Turkish ship in a flotilla carrying aid to Gaza would have had the coverage it did if the battle hadn’t been captured on film. And likewise the racing driver who broke a leg after crashing in the Indy 500. It only became a big deal because we could watch the accident from several angles in slow motion.” - Jeremy Clarkson

Remember that there is so much going on in the world that we do not know about. We must be aware of the changes in our world and not just what we are presented with on the major news stations. Do your own research, get out there, get talking, because we are the ones who truly make the real news happen.

5. "Nothing in this life worth achieving is easy, nor is it impossible." - James May

Though it may take many years of waiting and lots of hard work, sweat, and constant battle of falling and getting back up, your dreams and ambitions are well worth the struggle. Don't give up because someone says you cannot make it or that it will be impossible. If it is worth something to you then go for it, and no matter what the challenges come your way, know that you will be much more the wiser in the end.

6. "If your ideas are good then they rise, if they are a bit of crap then they sink." James May

Now, even though it is true that you should follow your dreams, not all ideas are good ideas or worth having. For example, if you are going to go after that relationship that you know is bad for you, then you will ultimately find yourself at the end of a very long dark road knee deep in mud. It will be time to turn back around and find a new idea, a new passion to follow, because the one you just had led you towards a dead end.

7. "All of us, each and every one, lives a life that is, in its own right, an epic."- Richard Hammond

All lives are precious and worth valuing, and as we go into the new year, I hope that you find that your epic just keeps on growing, and remember, if you do not like the way your life is headed, well, just turn around. You control the direction of your life and though different circumstances may block you path, you are the one who ultimately decides what should be done about it.

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