Quiz: Which Summer Smoothie Bowl Are You?

Quiz: Which Summer Smoothie Bowl Are You?

Smoothie bowls are the perfect way to cool off this summer, but which one suits you best?

As the last days of summer pass by, have you ever wondered which fruit smoothie combo you take after when the heat gets to you? Take this quiz to find out!

1. Which pet is your spirit animal?

A. Canary

B. Puppy

C. Cat

D. Chameleon

2. Which spots are at the top of your travel bucket list?

A. New Zealand and maybe Australia

B. South Korea and Japan

C. France, Denmark or Italy

D. Galapagos or the West Coast

3. What color scheme do you love the most?

A. Complementary — like red and green

B. Monochromatic — like shades of pink

C. Split Complementary — like brown, green and white

D. Triad — like blue, red and yellow

4. If someone were to insult you in public, what would your initial reaction be?

A. Take a deep breath and try to calm yourself down before addressing the person

B. Try to understand exactly what may have upset the person

C. Feel annoyed and think of ways to leave the situation

D. Demand an apology

5. You have as super busy schedule today, and only two hours to fit in an extra activity! What do you do?

A. A quick 30-minute yoga session and some "me time" relaxation activity

B. This is perfect! Now I can cook a snack, water the plants, watch some TV, maybe shower too...

C. An hour and 45 minutes of Netflix, of course!

D. I don't need a break — let's move the next activity up by two hours.

6. Your AC is broken, and the summer heat is unforgiving. What's your plan of action?

A. Immediately call a repair company to replace entire AC system.

B. Research online which AC systems are the best while staying over at a friend's for the meantime.

C. Look up AC hacks to try before calling for help

D. Call the company that produced the AC system and ask why their product is faulty. Demand warranty.

7. And lastly, what's your go-to text reply?

A. That's nice!

B. Great!

C. Cool beans

D. Ah-mazing~

Here are your results!

If you answered mostly As... you're an avocado-strawberry smoothie bowl! Don't be fooled by its plain Jane exterior. One sip of this hybrid fruit plus veggie mix packs a punch of creamy almond milk flavor interlaced with a refreshing tinge of cucumber and will leave you craving more. This smoothie bowl blends so well that you can even pour it in a glass to take on the go. Just like you, this smoothie's icon is an easy, breezy summer spirit who focuses on the important things and people in life. You also care deeply about your body and mind, and it shows!

If you answered mostly Bs... you're the Raspberry Bubblegum Blast smoothie bowl! Your sweet, playful nature and bright personality make for a fun combo in both food and at parties. The seedy raspberry of this drink is muted by the burst of bubblegum sass, and Lord knows you can get sassy. You have a positive take on life, even when the going gets tough. You're also known for always being on a time crunch, whether it's because you procrastinated till the last minute or scheduled way too many things at once, but somehow, you manage to burst in at the last second — ready to face life's challenges head on

If you answered mostly Cs... you're the Choco Mint smoothie bowl! You don't beat around the bush, you lay on top of it — observant, reserved and munching on a bar of chocolate. You don't start most conversations, but in the discussions you do participate in, you have a minty, refreshing take on even the same old, same old topic. And when you're not out and about, you're probably cuddling a furry animal or pillow pet on the couch at three in the afternoon, watching drama reruns with a carton of ice cream chilling on your tum, no shame. There is nothing that can replace the luxury of comfort. After all, what better time for Netflix n' chill if not summer?

If you answered mostly Ds... this Ocean Reefs smoothie bowl probably speaks to you on a spiritual level. The kiwi balls and coconut cubes are powdered with a scoop of Blue Majik Spirulina blended with green algae, which makes for a tropical creamy texture that sums up your persona to a tee. You work hard and play hard. There's no "kick-back-and-relax" until you hit the coasts, and then it's all fun and games under the sun — if you're not already out traversing through the jungle or elsewhere abroad. Life has its ups and downs, but you ride the waves and take it as it comes, shaping your own future (and fruit!) to rise to your standards of greatness.

Cover Image Credit: Be Fit Smoothies

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7 Of The Happiest Hippy Places In Lexington, Kentucky

Pass me the free-trade coffee, man.

The south isn't all preppy shops, fried chicken restaurants, and waffle houses (not that there's anything wrong with those places!) And in Lexington, there are many "hippy" type stores that seem like something you'd find in Portland, Oregon, but with a little bit of a Kentucky twist. Put on your tie-dye t-shirt and Chacos and check out these happy hippy places in Lexington!

1. High on Art and Coffee

What can you get there?

Coffee, snacks, gifts, jewelry, soaps, t-shirts, greeting cards, and much more!

Why's it great?

The owners are so friendly! I went in here ONE TIME my first semester freshman year and didn't go again until months later and the owners remembered me! Plus, all the artists are local!

Where is it?

523 East High Street

2. Bleed Blue Tattoo

What can you get there?

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Why's it great?

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Where is it?

527 South Upper Street

3. Squecial Media

What can you get there?

Gifts, incense, calendars, books, curtains, and more!

Why's it great?

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Where is it?

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4. Michler's Florist

What can you get there?

Flowers, plants, and a lovely lunch outside!

Why's it great?

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Where is it?

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5. Gluten Free Miracles

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Why's it great?

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Where is it?

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6. Third Street Stuff & Coffee

What can you get there?

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Why's it great?

The unique decor will make you feel like you're in wonderland!

Where is it?

257 North Limestone #1

7. North Lime Coffee and Donuts

What can you get there?

Coffee and donuts (duh).

Why's it great?

Extremely unique and inventive donuts!

Where is it?

575 North Limestone

(Other location

3101 Clays Mill Road #300a

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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'Veganuary' Is Bigger And Better Than Ever This Year

Are you going vegan this January?

You’ve seen your friends pledging to go vegan this January, but what is stopping you? Taking part in Veganuary this year will save animals, help the planet and benefit your health.

Cutting out meat, eggs and dairy may seem hard for some, but Veganuary makes it easier with shopping guides, recipes and information that will motivate you to stick with it.

Why try a vegan lifestyle?

“It’s interesting to try new things, and it can be surprising how tasty vegan food is! There are many reasons to go vegan, and plenty of people initially go vegan for their own health, but when you start to learn more about it, the reasons to go vegan become really clear,” said Bree Smith.

If you are an animal lover, you should go vegan for cows like Luna.

Luna was rescued from a dairy farm at only four days old. Luna’s mother had a parasitic disease that could cause abortions, making her undesirable to the dairy farmers due to possible complications with her growing up and having babies.

The farmers asked a vet to end her life, but he looked into Luna's eyes and couldn’t bring himself to do it, so instead, he called Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary. Luna is now happy in an appropriate environment for her needs, living peacefully with her bestie, Lucera the lamb.

Unfortunately, most cows aren’t shown compassion like Luna was. Going vegan and encouraging others to do so as well is an easy way to spread that compassion to as many animals as possible.

I have hopes that 2018 will be the year the dairy industry sees its downfall. Veganuary has grown every year from the beginning. In January 2014, 3,300 people participated in Veganuary. This month, January 2018, there are 150,000 expected participants!

Need some advice?

“Recipes are key! You can find a vegan version of almost any food by searching for “vegan ‘...’ recipe.” Follow vegan recipe sharers on social media, talk to other vegans online and buy cookbooks if you can — I love the Forks Over Knives Plan and Thug Kitchen,” explains Smith.

“Going vegan for me was very easy once I was exposed to the cruel ways in which they are treated in the meat, dairy, poultry and clothing industries. To anyone wanting to transition there are a lot of sides to look at. We, of course, have the animal rights, then we have the health aspect of each individual and topped with the overall wellbeing of our planet," said Katelyn Montanye.

"A plant-based diet significantly lessens your carbon footprint and ends the suffering of many. Finding vegan foods that you like is really easy," Montanye continued. "A lot of people are already eating a lot of vegan food without paying attention! Grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, seasonings, etc! There are so many alternatives to animal products that are cost-efficient and delicious. If veganism is something you really want, like anything in life, with a goal you will achieve it.”

Choosing to go vegan this January is the perfect way to kick off the new year. Here’s to a year of animal liberation, good health and a happier Earth.

Cover Image Credit: Lexi Hammond

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