Everyone knows that work can cause major stress in your life. However, if you are an entry-level associate or employee, then you honestly do not need to let it cause you so much stress.

Put in your notice and find another job! You should not be crying or screaming due to an entry-level job that probably won't make or break you. The least that this job or society should expect of you is that you put in your two weeks notice. The job will replace you with no problem, so you should feel comfortable leaving them with no problem.

If work is causing you stress and you need that job specifically, then HR really can be your friend. You can call them and ask them what they can do for you. Possibly correct the managers or other associates' behaviors or even give you a transfer if that would be in your best interest. Never just put up with something that shouldn't be an issue for you in the first place.

Money and jobs are a necessity for most people in the world, which is why finding one can seem very stressful. I would recommend going into wherever you apply and introducing yourself to the manager.


As a previous manager of an establishment, I will say that is the second most annoying thing you can do. The first most annoying thing is when people had their parents call for them. You are literally ruining your chances if you call about your application.

Employers want someone that is going to go out of their way to introduce themselves and possibly bring a resume. You have already made yourself the better candidate by doing this, and they will take a stronger interest in your application than that of someone who didn't introduce themselves.

Do not let a shitty job get in the way of your happiness.