Quick Booty Workout
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Quick Booty Workout

Not enough time for leg day? Try this quick but effective leg day routine!


Song: by Yellow Claw "In My Room"

This workout is meant to be done at a faster pace. I finished it in 35 minutes. Push yourself guys! Take 15-30 second rests in between sets. If you are unable to go at this pace try and push yourself to go at a faster pace than usual.

Enjoy 😈

Exercises Performed:

Cable Squats/ Deadlift Circuit - 3 sets / 10 reps each ( alternate between so do 1 squat and then one DL - 10 each so 20 then rest 14 seconds and do two more sets) I also kept feet facing outward on squats to hit different muscles and back together for DL while keeping knees slightly bent!

Pause Squats - 4 sets / 10-12 reps ( I paused 3 seconds in between each) drive up through your heels and squeeze da cheeks guys!

Leg Press - 4 sets / 10-12 reps ( Feet high and wide!)

Reverse Hack Squat - 4 sets / 10-12 reps ( All gyms have different variations of this machine so check the picture and description on the machine and if your gym doesn't have one substitute in another exercise using glutes or hamstrings!)

Super set Reverse Hack Squats with :

Split Squats w. Land mine Hold - 4sets / 10-12 reps each leg ( can do without weight/ without land mine hold, using dumbbells etc.

If there are ever any exercises that you are still confused about don't be afraid to ask me or even YouTube/Google them during your workouts, I do all of the time!

If there are certain exercises you are too nervous to try or unable to perform, there are always different variations available online as well.

Disclaimer: I am not a trainer. These exercises are performed based off of my own abilities and knowledge. Form is very important when lifting so please just always be careful guys 🙏🏼

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If you enjoyed this video please give it a share and I will see you in the next one!

Thanks for watching :)

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