John Currin is an American painter who is famous for his sexual paintings, that may or may not be depicting sexual acts. While some of his work is borderline pornographic, being directly inspired by pornographic images, other work by him contains nudity, but isn't inherently sexual, if that makes sense.

He is quite versatile, as far as his style goes, ranging from pieces with tight and fine brushwork, to more loose pieces. Something he does a lot is paint females with disproportionate body parts. For instance, a very thin midsection with a wide chest and hips.

Currin is noted to have drawn inspiration from his wife's face, as characteristics of Rachel can be seen in the faces of his portraits.

Basic biography aside, I think his work is pretty rad. Some of his paintings can pass as photographs if looked at from a certain distance even.

Here is a link to a website that hosts an online portfolio of his work.