'Queue'd Up' Vol. 1: Songs You Need To Listen To This Week

'Queue'd Up' Vol. 1: Songs You Need To Listen To This Week

Seven songs you need to listen to this week.


As an avid music fan, I'm always looking to expand my palate by finding the best stuff out there, regardless of genre. Another great joy of being a music fan is putting other people onto stuff that you like, and the phenomenal feeling of the shared experience that comes along with it. This series is gonna be a combination of both those feelings, where I share songs that are new finds, in heavy rotation, or both.

Without further ado, let's get it!

EARTHGANG - "Proud of You" (ft. Young Thug)


Inspired by all the strong women in their lives, EARTHGANG put together a bouncy ode to the lovers who have stood by their side and supported them and their careers. The Dreamville duo glide across the self-produced instrumental, assisted only by a crooning Young Thug, whose verse is filled with attempts to impress the girl who has done so much for him.

Vampire Weekend - "Harmony Hall"


"Harmony Hall" marks Vampire Weekend's first release in six years. A single off their upcoming fourth studio album, "Father of the Bride," "Harmony Hall" is buoyant. While the song sounds happy, the subject matter is not so much, as frontman Ezra Koenig laments on the negative changes he sees around him as time passes. For anyone that enjoys some good indie rock, this song is for you.

Jorja Smith - "Where Did I Go?"


British singer Jorja Smith is an artist rapidly on the rise, with features on recent albums by Drake and Kendrick Lamar. On "Where Did I Go?" Jorja realizes her self-worth and says goodbye to a toxic relationship in which she felt undervalued. Her strong, syrupy vocals are perfectly complimented by a driving bassline that adds an infectious groove to the track.

The-Dream - "Challenger"


The artist behind songs like Rihanna's "Umbrella" and Beyonce's "Single Ladies," The-Dream is one of the most underrated singers and songwriters of our time. "Challenger" is the ultimate dirty-macking anthem, in which The-Dream makes countless overtures to a woman in a relationship, comparing and contrasting how her current man treats her to how much better he would given the chance. With both silky smooth vocals and strong production, it has all the making of an R&B banger.

Pi'erre Bourne - "Hacked My Instagram"


Known mostly for his work as Playboi Carti's producer and his eccentric tag, Pi'erre Bourne is ready to make his own mark as a primary artist. "Hacked My Instagram" is like an alley-oop off the backboard from Pi'erre to himself, as he produced the song himself. Bourne croons about his relationship and newfound wealth over hard-hitting 808s and synths, resulting in a song perfect for partying and just vibing out in your room.

NLE Choppa - "Shotta Flow"


NLE Choppa is an up-and-coming artist out of Memphis, Tennessee who is only 16 YEARS OLD. This track is an injection of pure energy, like an espresso shot of pure braggadocio. The beat will make even the most boring person want to dance, and Choppa's threats bounce over the instrumental in a way that makes you want to commit a home invasion. (Don't do that.)

Noname - "Ace" (ft. Smino & Saba)


In an era where female rappers are starting to have success in the mainstream, Noname is a name you need to know. On this track, she displays her technical prowess, with a verse that paints a portrait of her life at the moment. Smino contributes silky vocals for a verse and the hook, and Saba stunts in an impressive, mile-a-minute performance. All laced over a jazzy instrumental, this song will provide the groove everyone needs in life.

Check out and follow the series playlist here!

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