131 Thoughts I Had During 'Sherlock' Season 4 Episode 1

131 Thoughts I Had During 'Sherlock' Season 4 Episode 1

Are we ever going to find out what happened with Moriarty?

After three years of waiting it's finally here.

Season 4 of Sherlock has finally been released. After years of waiting, the response to "The Six Thatchers" has been starkly divisive. As a ferocious fan of both the series and the novels, I have spent the past three years eagerly awaiting the response to "His Last Vow". Although I was delighted to see that the game is back on, some moments of the episode lived up to the hype while others left us feeling, as Moriarty would say,

"I'm disappointed, I'm disappointed in you, Sherlock."

Regardless, the episode left us ravenous for next week's chapter, "The Lying Detective". Like the world's only consulting detective, viewers had a constant stream of thoughts racing through their minds throughout the episode, however the episode seemed to provide more questions than answers.

Here are a list of 131 questions "The Six Thatchers" posed:


1. Season 4! Season 4! I'm so excited! Are we finally going to find out about Moriarty's return?

2. How much does one have to donate to get added to the Masterpiece Trust?

3. Alan Cummings! I adore you, can you summarize me as a person sometime?

4. They name the third brother in the recap! Does that mean we're going to meet him this season?

5. Yes! Moriarty, we do miss you! Please come back! Please? Is anyone ready for you to be dead?

6. Why is Sherlock tweeting? He's never been especially into social media before?

7. Two grown men fighting over Twitter? (Actually, this is what I imagine happening in Trump's meetings. Am I wrong?- Sorry, that's the last time I will ever compare Sherlock to Trump.)

7.5. Sherlock's response to cookies is actually me.

8. Of course Sherlock is lying. It's not a natural high. He tried to OD moments ago, assuming this meeting takes place immediately after "The Abominable Bride." How long after that episode is this meeting?

9. What's an ice lolly? It sounds amazing!

10. How did they doctor that footage so quickly?

11. But is Moriarty REALLY dead?

12. Ah! It's the opening! I could cry. Could I be more excited?

13. So the sharks combined with the story are creepy. Foreshadowing?

14. John? What happened to you hair?

15. Awesome? Is Sherlock using slang?

16. Could this montage be better? I don't think so.

17. "It's never twins," BUT Moriarty's death was twins in the original stories. Me thinks thou doth protest too much. Red Herring?

18. How does Benedict Cumberbatch speak so quickly?

19. Wait, Sherlock tried to arrest a Jellyfish, what precisely happened?

20. BABY WATSON! BABY WATSON! Did Mary give birth in the car?

21. Why did I forget how much I love Molly?

22. Why won't you put the phone down Sherlock?

23. Rosamund?

24. Where did Molly get her outfit? It's adorable!

25. Worst time for Siri to go off. Awkward. But who hasn't been there?

26. AHHH! Could Sherlock and Rose's relationship be any cuter?

27. Who's the ginger? She kind of looks like Zooey Deschanel. Why is she so smiley?

28. Again, what's with the hair John?

29. Not to sound like an uncultured American, but who's the bust?

30. Skype call? Is FaceTime not a thing in the UK?

31. A Power Ranger on the car? Why haven't I done that before?

32. Is it wrong to feel bad for the power ranger?

33. What's the significance about the two kinds of vinyl?

34. Why is Sherlock giving Greg the credit?

35. Greg, his face! He's so excited! Will he ever find out Sherlock doesn't really know his name?

36. Mary, mama assassin! Could she be more perfect?

37. Margaret Thatcher? The man's obsessed. Is he a politician? Is it normal to build a shire to her in your home, in England?

38. Tell me about the bust Sherlock. Is she the first of the six Thatchers?

39. Wait, what happened to Charlie?

40. Aw, what a good son. Is Sherlock trying to break viewer's hearts?

41. OOH, is Moriarty involved? Pray tell Sherlock.

42. They recognize the irony of Sherlock calling Mycroft hypocritical for calling Margaret Thatcher arrogant, right?

43. "It looks very fully functioning." Oh Mycroft. Sherlock's showing photos of the baby, I appreciate that they're humanizing him, but why?

44. Can you tell us more about Sherlock's childhood, Mycroft?

45. But is Mycroft Wikipedia?

46. Another smashed Thatcher?

47. This is awkward, is the woman at the front door Lestrade's ex wife?

48. Nope, apparently she's from Interpol. What's the big deal about this pearl?

49. Where did John get that balloon though?

50. Wait, how is Sherlock deducing all this about the man's wife?

50.5. Ooohh! Okay...

51. Who is Sherlock texting?

52. Craig? How can Sherlock remember that but not Greg?

53. What's the radius for bloodhounds tracking blood?

54. Whiskey and Caffeine? Is the vandal a college student?

55. A murder? Wow, that vandalism escalated quickly

56. Is the vandal/ murderer looking for something in the bust?

57. Can you punch someone underwater in a pool? Doesn't the water prevent momentum?

58. Is Moriarty really not involved?

59. A flash drive? Oh no! It's the same one from "His Last Vow". Did Mary give John a fake one?

60. How did things get even more intense? Protect her Sherlock!

61. Wait, Ammo, like bullets?

62. AGRAs an acronym?

63. WTF, MARY?

64. How does Sherlock have an underground bunker? Where did it come from?

65. So, does that mean Mary's real name starts with an R?

66. REALLY? Why did you drug him, Mary? You were having a moment?

67. Redbeard? Are they trying to break our hearts?

68. But is it sentiment?

69. Wow, Mary's accent is impressive. Are all assassins trained in feigning accents?

70. Why is her breakdown making me cry?

71. How is she changing her plan based on dice. Does she have six contingency plans every time she rolls the dice?

72. How long has Mary's ID been there?

73. I know that voice... How is Sherlock there?

73.5. Okay, a tracker in the memory stick, that makes sense.

74. Wait does that mean John doesn't trust her? Why else would he be tracking her?

75. How did they arrive at the house before her? Based on the conversation Sherlock was having, it appears as though they'd been there for a while.

76. But wasn't it dangerous to name the baby after your alias, Mary?

77. Could AJ have worse timing?

78. Why am I unhappy AJ's dead? He tried to kill like five people this episode.

79. Amo or Ammo? That is the question.

80. Wait, why is ginger Zooey Deschanel back?

81. Why is flower power lady talking to John?

82. Why didn't you throw her number out, John?

83. WTF John?

84. Really, your assassin, mother, nurse, genius, wife isn't enough?

85. She misses you? Is that an undercover Moriarty reference?

86. I repeat, WTF John? Your child and loving wife are a room away?

87. Does Mary know?

88. Why is it taking you this long to break it off?

89. Why is she at the bus stop? Is she following you? You're smarter than that John. End it now!

90. You're aware this is unacceptable, right, John Hamish Watson? You're making me regret naming my cat after you.

91. Is Lady Smallwood the British Woman?

92. Does she know Sherlock's watching the episode?

93. So, does Mary know about the affair, if "receptionists know everything"?

94. Why haven't you told her yet, John?

95. How did Sherlock manage to send two different texts at precisely the same time?

96. What's at the aquarium?

97. Ah, so the receptionist did it?

98. Does the receptionist lady know she's reprehensible?

99. Can John get there faster?

100. Has Sherlock's backup been there the whole time?

101. Why hasn't Sherlock moved, she fired a bullet?

102. How was Mary able to take the bullet, and yet Sherlock so statuesque?

103. Come on, let's get Mary medical aid. She's going to be okay right? We learned how to treat a gun shot in season 3. I know it was three years ago, but we still remember it.

104. Does anybody have a tampon? They were invented solely to prevent blood loss bullet wounds in WWI.

105. Why isn't Mary lying on the ground yet? Immobilize her! Stop the blood. The bullet is still inside her, otherwise the aquarium behind her would have cracked. Lay her down. You can save her John!

106. Is it wrong to be satisfied Mary has finally apologized for shooting Sherlock?

107. Why are you letting her die John? You were an army doctor. You know she should be on the floor?

108. What is the noise John's making? Is he okay?

109. Why is John blaming Sherlock for Mary's death? She jumped. It's not like Sherlock pushed her. He broke a vow too.

110. Are any of the viewers ever going to be able to enjoy an aquarium again?

111. Is she really dead?

112. Really, though? This show doesn't have the best record of people staying dead.

112.5. Wow, there's her cremation. I guess she is really dead.

113. Why am I having so many emotions? I came here to have a good time and am honestly feeling so attacked right now.

114. WAIT, Sherlock's at John's therapist's?

115. Does Mycroft really live there?

116. What's the 13th on Mycroft's fridge?

117. Is Mycroft calling the third Holmes brother?

118. Sherlock left John's balloon up. Why does this show insist on emotionally killing me?

119. "Say the word Norbury" that was the receptionists name. Why is Sherlock punishing himself?

120. Miss Me? Are we finally going to get an answer to what happened with Moriarty? It's not like we've waited three years for answers or anything.

121. Mary? Were you working with Moriarty?

122. How did the tape end up with Sherlock, since Mary's dead?

123. What case is she referring to?

124. Molly, you look so upset. What's in that letter?

125. I repeat, WTF John?

126. 2017 just started, why does Sherlock insist on emotionally traumatizing me so early?

127. Go to Hell, Sherlock? What does that mean?

128. Is it some sort of code? Is she talking about Rosie, since she made those devil and Antichrist jokes? Is that where Sherlock will have to go to save John? Does she blame Sherlock for her death too?

129. Are we ever going to find out what happened with Moriarty?

130. Why is it that after three years of nothing all our questions are ignored and we were instead greeted with heartbreak and more daunting questions?

131. Is it next Sunday yet?

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