15 Questions Every Pitt-Johnstown Student Has For the School
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Student Life

15 Questions Every Pitt-Johnstown Student Has For the School

Why did you take Pizza Hut away from us?!

15 Questions Every Pitt-Johnstown Student Has For the School

I'll be the first to tell you how much I love Pitt-Johnstown. I've been truly blessed during my three years here, and I'll be so sad to finally have to leave for good after graduation. But, like any school, it has its quirks and annoyances. Here are 15 questions every UPJ student has about the school:

1. First things first, why on Earth did you get rid of the Pizza Hut in the Tuck?!

Freshens is fine and good but I need PIZZA when I'm stressed.

2. Why does it take (literally) 25 minutes for me to log into a computer in the computer lab?

Look at that, class is half over and I'm not even logged into the computer yet.

3. On that note, why are all the computers crazy slow in general?


4. Why is there no parking on campus unless you have an 8AM?

I pay almost a hundred bucks a year to park here. The least you could do is give me some options!

5. Why do we care so much about the ~Real World™~?

The real world's not that great. Let me live in college make believe land.

6. Why do you insist on moving everyone in the student union's office every year so I can't find anybody?

I don't have time to play hide and seek with the housing office right now.

7. Why is everyone sick from caf food ALL THE TIME?!

Just once I'd like to eat in the caf without feeling like I was going to vomit.

8. Why is the hill between E&S and Krebs so steep?

In retrospect I guess the fact that I'm out of shape and get winded walking up it isn't really your fault but I still don't like it.

9. Why is the whole campus dangerously icy the entire winter and all that's done is salt is thrown in big mounds periodically?

I don't know a whole lot about road maintenance, but I'm pretty sure you have to at least spread the salt around for it to be effective.

10. Why is the WiFi so slow?

And why doesn't it reach the PPAC?!

11. Why won't you let clubs sell food/baked goods anymore?

I used to look forward to my walking taco lunch provided by History Club. Why must you deprive me?

12. Why do your tiny maintenance trucks try to hit me on all sidewalks ever?

It's a sideWALK, not a sideDRIVE. Put some better tires on those things and drive them through the grass. They're basically golf carts, they're fine.

13. How do you have so many tee shirts to give away?

How much of my tuition money goes towards those shirts? And why am I so keen on collecting every free tee shirt I can?

14. Did you design Krebs and Biddle to be exactly the same to confuse me or is it just a mean coincidence?

I get lost there an embarrassing amount. It's just rude.

15. Why did it take you literal decades to widen the stairwell in Blackington?

You had to turn sideways to let someone pass you. Who thought that was a good idea when the building was being built.

You've got some issues, UPJ. But so do I, so it's cool. We still love you.

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