Questions, Comments, and Concerns People Have About My Red Hair

Questions, Comments, and Concerns People Have About My Red Hair

Yes, I have a soul.

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People who have a redhead know that there are a lot of comments and questions that surround your hair. It is something people don’t always see, so there is always something to be said. If you are a redhead, know a redhead, or have ever just seen one walking by, I’m sure you’ve heard, or thought, some of these before. So, without further ado, here are some questions, comments, and concerns I hear on a regular basis, along with answers that I would provide if approached with any of these:

  • Your hair is so beautiful!
    • Thank you very much.
  • Is that your natural hair color?
    • Yes, yes it is.
  • Do you dye your hair?
    • No, I don’t have the money for that.
  • Do you ever want to change your hair color?
    • I personally don’t, but why can’t we if we want to? Everyone else gets to do it.
  • Redheads don’t have souls.
    • Actually we do.
  • You are called a lot of names.
    • Things like “redhead, carrot top, ginger, red..” the list goes on.
  • You’re so lucky! I wish I had that hair color.
    • Again, thank you. I’m sorry you don’t get to be a redhead too.
  • Do you take other people’s souls?
    • No I don’t. I also don’t eat them.
  • You know, red heads are a dying breed.
    • Yes, we represent 1-2% of the world population. We are pretty rare.
  • Are you Irish?
    • I actually am Irish, yes, but not all of us are.
  • I used to have hair that color.
    • That’s pretty cool (I get to see what my hair could potentially look like in the future out of this one).
  • Do you like your hair color?
    • Yes, personally I love it.
  • You must have a temper.
    • That depends on the situation.
  • Does someone else in your family have red hair?
    • Yes, my mother, and my grandfather have red hair.
  • Where’d you get it from?
    • See above answer.
  • Do people call you Ginger a lot?
    • Yes.
  • You’re a ginger.
    • You’re observant.
  • You’re really pale.
    • I’m aware of that thank you.
  • Do you have to put on a lot of sunscreen?
    • Yes I do.
  • You must really burn.
    • Yes I do.
  • But do you ever tan?
    • I mostly stay white, but will get a little bit tanner in the summer. Typically burns still turn back to white.
  • My (insert family member) has that same color hair!
    • No way.

Personally, I love being a redhead. We are a rare sight, and our hair is a pretty cool color. There are so many things we hear about our hair, and I’m sure this isn’t even close to all of them. If you come across a redhead, remember, they deal with these questions a lot, so don’t bombard them. If you absolutely need to ask them about their hair, keep it limited!

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