7 Questions College Seniors Are Sick And Tired Of Hearing, PUHLEEZ Stop Asking

Twenty-Two. The year that 10-year-old me thought I'd be married by (HAHA), the year T-Swift sings about like it's actually a fun age. It's been almost two months for me, and I've learned that 22 is NOT a year of fun...for seniors in college it's the year of fear - and we're tired of all the questions.

1. Are you staying in your college town after graduation?

I wish I knew.

2. What're you gonna do with that degree?

Ummm, find a job...? I dunno yet.

3. What are your post-graduation plans?


4. Did you get into grad school?

When I find out, you'll be the first to know.

5. Have you signed the lease for next year yet?


6. So, when are you getting married?

If I knew, I'd tell ya.

7. Real world sucks, huh?

Not as much as the broke college life, Susan.

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