10 Factors I Considered Before Choosing Simpson
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Student Life

10 Factors I Considered Before Choosing Simpson

There's so much to consider, here's where to start

10 Factors I Considered Before Choosing Simpson

It’s about the time of year when high school seniors are choosing the college they will go to for the next four years. I remember how hard it was to choose which school I wanted to go to. It isn’t as simple as just choosing the place that gave you the most money, or who has the major you want. While both of these are important, they are only two aspects to choosing a school. I applied to three schools, was accepted to all of them, and recieved enough money from each one to make the tuitions almost the same. Out of all these schools, why Simpson? I chose Simpson for many reasons. Below are a few that I have come to realize make all the difference. (For all those High schoolers out there, even if you don’t choose my little school, take these things into consideration. You’ll thank me later, I promise)

1. Faith based learning?

Okay, I am going to be honest. One of the best things about my school is that everything revolves around the cross. My professors pray before class, genuinely care about how your relationship with God is, and are wholeheartedly on your team. Faith centered learning means the professors care about theirs students as a whole, not just their grades.

2. Location

Location is everything. I wanted to be close to home, but not so close that it doesn't feel like I am away at school. Simpson is in a unique place in the world because it is a short drive to almost any climate, or terrain. In the winter you can get to the snow in less than an hour, to the beach in a few hours, to the city in less than two hours, the mountains are RIGHT THERE... literally anything you want is here, and that's why I love Redding.

3. Class size

If you learn better one-on-one, small classes are for you. Personally, I cannot sit in my chair, next to fifty others, and still focus. Simpson has an average class size of 14:1. This means I KNOW my professors. Several of my profs even give their cell phone number out so we can reach them at anytime. Small class sizes means better relationships, you go from being a number to being a human.

4. Weather

I hate being cold, so I knew that I could never go to school where it snowed. I chose Simpson because it is warm for almost the entirety of the first semester. When it snowed on campus, i swear I wore three sweaters and multiple pairs of pants. It does rain a lot, but I can look past that for the sweet 90 degree days I get in the beginning and end of the year.

5. Majors offered

Chances are you will change your major, add a minor, or add a major while in school. Make sure the schools you are looking at have options. And, it may be obvious but, don't look at schools you know don't have the major you want to study.

6. Dorm living

DORMS MATTER. I looked at a school in LA and none of the dorms had AC, so I KNEW I would not be going there. Some questions to consider: Are the beds built in? Is is communal bathrooms? How many people are in one room and how big is the room? Can I have a microwave? Is laundry free/how much does it cost? Is a meal plan required/Is the food good?
Simpson's dorms are great (I'm a little biased because I'm an RA). The laundry is cheap, and the rooms are not too small. There is a bathroom in each room (PRAISE THE LAMB). I have the option of living off campus, but I love the dorms, so why move?

7. Extracurriculars

I'll be honest, Simpson's extracurricular are limited. The sport I played in high school isn't offered, which stinks, but luckily there are so many leadership opportunities that it almost make up for it... almost (@simpson let's get a pool so I can play polo) The school you are looking at may not have exactly what you are looking for. Be gracious, look at the rest of what is offered. If I didn't look past the fact there wasn't water polo at Simpson, I would be missing out on so much.


Of course you need to consider the cost of your education. I am basically paying for school on my own, so it was important to consider the scholarships I would get, and the loan assistance that is offered. Simpson has a really cool program in which they help pay off the loans of graduates. I didn't know anything about this, or the scholarships that would be given to me. All I had to do was ask, and everything was given to me.

9. There's power in a name

This is the question my mom answers almost every single time she says I go to Simpson. It's important to know that employers do care about the school you went to. If you want to be a lawyer, a Yale law degree will look better than the degree you're going to get from a small school no one has heard of. So, choose a school that you think you will love, and that will give you an easier time getting a job.

10. Safety

It breaks my heart that this is something that needs to be considered. Is there a campus security office? How many employees are there working in security? Are there cameras on campus? What happens if there is an emergency? I know that at my school, campus safety has a van, and offers students rides, or company when they don't feel safe walking by themselves. The image of a bike cop is funny, but if the school you are looking at only has bikes for their officers, would you feel safe?

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