Trippiest Black Mirror Episodes that question your life
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5 Black Mirror Episodes That Will Make You Question Your Entire Life

What does it mean to be human?

5 Black Mirror Episodes That Will Make You Question Your Entire Life
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I'm not a big TV or movie watcher, to be honest. Binge watching season after season when streaming first became a thing (thanks Grey's Anatomy, Dexter, Weeds, Breaking Bad) turned me off to pouring countless hours in front of a screen, especially when I started working and going to college.

This winter break was the first time in a few years that I had some spare time to get back into *moderate* TV-watching, and in all honesty a lot of the shows I tried watching felt bland, badly scripted, and just plain uninteresting. I can't stand cheesy or obvious acting for the life of me. Maybe I'm just picky.

Then I came across this show called Black Mirror. I've heard it mentioned a few times throughout the years, and something about the ominous Netflix title screen appealed to me. It was, well how do I put it…Siri, how do you spell mindf**k?

I swear I've never finished a series so quickly in my life. Being an anthology based series, every episode depicted an extreme parody of some aspect of technological advances sprinkled with just the right doses of macabre realism and dark humor. Experimenting with topics ranging from artificial intelligence, online dating, and social media, there is bound to be something for everyone in this series.

Here are the episodes that messed with me the most

1. Hang the DJ


On some extreme twist of online dating, characters in this episode play some sort of relationship game where all their relationships are completely pre-determined by an artificial intelligence device, with the aim that each "match" brings them closer to their "ultimate compatible other." Relationship length is preset for each match, showing on the screen as soon as each character has their first date, whether it's a one night stand or year-long relationship. Upon meeting, the clock starts ticking down to zero much to the delight (or disgust) of players in this game. Humorously playing out our modern woes in finding romance or satisfying lust, this episode really hits deep and makes you wonder how far you would go to find love.

2. USS Callister

Sarah Szabo

Ever made fun of the nerd in your classroom because he was such an easy target and you knew he wouldn't fight back? Yeah well, don't. He might just snag your DNA and put a copy of your consciousness into an immersive VR computer game where he plays out his unrealistic alpha male fantasies as the captain of a Star Trek-esque space ship. This episode explores the complexities of morality that come with VR and toys with the concept of consciousness. Is it data that can be copied? Could the world be a simulation? This is a pretty trippy episode.

3. Fifteen Million Merits


Ever feel like you're running in a hamster wheel to do the things you're "supposed" to do in life? Ever feel like the life of celebrities on TV is the life for you? Ever think, "man maybe if I just play the game long enough I'll get everything I've wanted and people will adore me"? Or maybe you're sick of it all and you think you've found a way to break through this monotonous simulation we call life, because you're talented or smart or found love, or just plain angry. Except if you break through is it really different? Or just another game, another loop?

This episode is DARK. It's not disgusting or gross or anything. It's just a harrowing depiction of the modern day rat race and working all your life to get nowhere. Everyone lives literally in a digital cell bombarded with ads, "suggested" shows that cost merits to skip. Merits are earned by pedaling away all day at a bike machine and are used for food, video game add-ons, or an application to an America's Got Talent type of show where you make it or break it. A story of rebellion, romance, and retribution, this episode really hits deep.

4. Nosedive

Emma Rosemurgey

Social media. Love it or hate it, if you want to get ahead in society you gotta play the clout game. Want that job? Well, you better not have distasteful photos on your IG. Oh, you're not on social media? What are you some kind of freak?

Imagine having your entire life revolve around social media ratings on a 0-5.0 scale. In order to walk into certain buildings, join certain clubs, buy certain homes, or even holding a job, you can't be a measly 2.3. Oh, you can't date that person, they're only a 3.4 and that would bring your points down! God forbid you're nice to that lowly 3.1 barista.

What does it mean once you have all that taken away from you? Get rid of all the social games and paradigms, what's left? This episode explores the elusive concept of genuine happiness by following an ambitious young woman trying desperately to get her rating up enough to buy her dream home. She becomes obsessed and desperate and goes to extreme measures to get there, losing sight of what it means to be human and hitting rock bottom to realize it.

5. San Junipero


I'm not really a sucker for love stories. Rom coms are way cheesy for me and I could never buy into the whole happily ever after thing...but throw in an eternal digital afterlife and being young forever and things get a little interesting.

Following the intricate love story between two women seemingly traveling across time to find each other, this episode once again explores the concept of consciousness, love, and simulated reality. If you found the one, would you be willing to live forever with them?

Give the show a watch. It's SO worth it.

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