8 Qualties That Should Never Go Unnoticed
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Student Life

8 Qualties That Should Never Go Unnoticed

Qualities that should be noticed, whether you're a girl or a boy.

8 Qualties That Should Never Go Unnoticed

I recently read the 10 Things College Girls Do That College Guys SHOULD Appreciate, But Don't article. The title immediately grabbed my attention and sparked my curiosity to see what the list would consist of. I had a couple of points in my mind that I was hoping to see in this written piece. When I finished reading the article I was disappointed. I was disappointed most of the points were shallow and not really qualities that were important. While I strongly agreed with some of the points, I was disappointed to find it was followed by a silly reasoning as to why it was important. So I decided to write my own my personal list, ‘8 Qualities That Should Never Go Unnoticed'

1. A Good Work Ethic

A person who works hard is definitely something everyone should notice. Hard work deserves to be praised and noticed. A strong work ethic shows that person cares about their job, it shows their motivation and drive to do well and succeed. And overall, why wouldn’t you notice someone who works hard?

2. A Healthy Lifestyle

This was one of the points of the article I agreed with. Finding time for the gym for anyone is hard. In between balancing a full time or part time job, school, family, friends, and other responsibilities... It’s hard to find time to commit to the whole shower, food, and gym routine. It shows dedication to making time for the gym and determination to work a little bit harder to live a healthier lifestyle. In addition, while eating healthy is more expensive it also benefits you as well. Replacing sugar and salt with fiber and protein is a little more costly, but in the long run your body will appreciate it. So people who try and live a healthy lifestyle are definitely the kinds of people who are driven, motivated, and goal oriented.

3. The Way Someone Treats Other People

From the moment we enter Pre-K we’re taught to be nice and give other people respect. Well as you get older, it begins to show your character as a person. If you treat people poorly, it shows more on you than it does the person you’re being disrespectful too. For example, the way someone treats their parents or waiters/waitresses shows a lot about them. People who are respectful to strangers and their loved ones is someone who probably holds good morals and values.

4. A Sense of Adventure

A sense of adventure is something I always notice in people because I love to adventure. A sense of adventure shows the drive to explore new places and try new things. In addition it makes that person fun to hang out with and you’ll never be bored. That persons curiosity is always churrning and just awaiting the next destination. Someone who enjoys adventuring will invite you to join them in their experiences and will introduce you to new things as well!

5. The Way They Present Themselves

Are they outgoing and friendly or cold stoned and rude? While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, let’s be honest, we’re human. We make judgements and first impressions are important! So is this person brushing you off not giving you the time of day, or putting in an effort to keep the conversation going? It’s also nice to have a conversation with someone where it doesn’t feel forced or uncomfortable.

6. A Sense of Humor

Everyone is different and looks for different qualities, but never let a sense of humor go unnoticed. People who are funny are usually great in crowds. They use their humor to make friends and get to know people. A good sense of humor also shows that they don't take life too seriously and just want to laugh and have fun. Plus who doesn’t like someone who can make them laugh?!

7. Someone Who Has Hobbies

Someone who has hobbies outside of their phone and friends is someone who clearly makes time for something they love. Plus who knows! Maybe you can share a similar hobby with someone. Hobbies tell a lot about a person, it shows they’re passionate and enjoy making free time for something they clearly care about. In addition, you never know what hobbies you could be introduced too as well!

8. A Great Smile

Statistics show that smiling can boost your mood, immune system, relieves stress, and are the universal sign of happiness. So if you ask me, someone who smiles is someone who will definitely be noticed more than someone who doesn't. So smile!

And this concludes the end of my list! These are 8 qualities I feel shouldn't go unnoticed whether you're a boy or girl. Qualities that we should look for in friends AND relationships!

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