After spending one lazy Sunday watching "Eat Pray Love", I decided to begin my own self-love journey.

Superficially, I've been good to myself. I have confidence in my abilities and in the relationships I have with others, but I've noticed that the majority of my days are spent working towards meeting goals that better others, and not myself.

I take so much pride in helping others and or the group as a whole that I've forgotten about working towards the goals I have for myself.

I put my all into everything I do for everyone else that I have let my own needs slip away so far that I forgot they even existed.

I'm not very good with balance, so the days long ago when I did put myself first I became very selfish and lonely. I didn't like who I was then and I didn't like my life, so I started living for others and in becoming a leader amongst my peers, I lost what was important to me.

Instead of leading others, I've been living for them. I love the ones close to me like they're my own blood so I can't help but take on their problems as my own.

I want to give my friends all of me but by doing that there's nothing left for myself, and so I've begun my journey of self-care and love.

In order to truly be happy I need to treat myself like a friend and learn how to give to others while still putting myself first.

I've spent so long selflessly serving others that I forgot about pursuing my own goals and fulfilling my own dreams. I haven't been as kind to myself as I am to others and I'm ready to work on my relationship with myself and put myself first.

Shoutout Julia Roberts for reminding me to put myself first for a change.