While we may live our lives day to day, we often throw in the back of our mind that “we” as a generation are known as millennials. We are grouped into one to form statistics such as “baby boomers”, our older generation. For those unfamiliar with the term millennial, it is the generation born around the 1980 somethings following into the 2000s. Though we are all individuals, some things in our minds remain the same, according to most general statistics.

Sometimes we have these lucid thoughts, but when said out loud to other millennial’s they seem far from that. They are actually normal thoughts for a millennial. Such as feeling as if we are brought here for a purpose, that we came into the world to do something.

Some have done the research, such as Simon Sinek on this explaining that we think this way because of our parenting or the way our generation was brought up. He explains we have been “dealt a bad hand” speaking about how we would get a trophy for participating and getting a trophy while coming in last “makes you feel worse”. He also explains how our parents would always tell us we were “special” making our transition into the real world difficult. Our transition left us feeling depressed, sad and lost.

Now I don’t believe we are just here to work nine to five’s but I do believe we go out of our way to look for something in all the wrong places. For example, we will go hangout with family and not set our phones down for a minute. We will be bored or frustrated and turn to our phones for comfort. While back in the day you would go to a person, speak about things and develop a relationship. With these things we are not developing relationships, we are not forming our own ideas and opinions.

According to many recent studies, the one thing that makes people the most happy is having strong, healthy relationships with your spouse, mother, friends, etc. Yet that is the one thing that we that we as millennials lack. We are more used to developing a relationship with recent technology than older people, we want to be here for a purpose but we don’t want to work for it, we want it to come as easily as accepting a friend on Facebook but relationships take work and time. So instead of sitting there staring at your phone because everyone else is, try to spark up a conversation. Try to stay as engaged in your friends as you are to your Instagram likes, try to keep your phone in your purse at dinner and try to let your conversations flow with one another to form potential ideas. This will help us regain our purpose, and regain our future of success as millennials.