Pincause Does It For The Dogs
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Politics and Activism

Pincause Does It For The Dogs

We are their voice.

Pincause Does It For The Dogs
Pincause / Facebook

Calling all animal lovers , activists and pup-tivists!

We need your help in the fight against puppy mills. Did you know that pet stores get the majority of the dogs they sell straight from puppy mills?! That means, if you buy your dogs from pet stores you are directly helping to keep puppy mills in business. These puppy mills are large-scale, commercial breeding facilities where profit is much more important than the well-being of the dogs. They keep their breeding dogs in small cages with unsanitary living conditions and an inadequate amount of health care. If you're a lucky survivor, it is likely you will end up with health conditions that can be life altering and anxiety disorders from the mistreatment you endured.

Because of this issue, a company called Pincause ( @thepincause on Instagram ) has teamed up with the Humane Society of the United States to sell pins that cost ONLY five dollars in an effort to help raise money to shut down puppy mills for good! For each pin sold, two dollars gets donated to the “Stop Puppy Mills” campaign. Dog influencers (and their humans of course) on social media, like Instagram pup star @ellabeanthedog and @hopsthebardog have been actively advertising these pins, sharing their stories and promoting the goodness that can come from purchasing one.

These dogs need our help! After all, we are their voice and together we NEED to make a change. Join me in the fight against puppy mills and remember to spread the word too. Visit to purchase a pin!! Myself and the fur babies, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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