6 Reasons Why 'Psych' Is The Best TV Show That Only True Fans Understand
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Come On Son, I Know You Know That I'm Telling The Truth With These 6 Reasons Why 'Psych' Is The Best TV Show

You're welcome for your new obsession.

Come On Son, I Know You Know That I'm Telling The Truth With These 6 Reasons Why 'Psych' Is The Best TV Show

Everyone has that one show they'd kill for. They quote an episode every five seconds. They share memes with all their friends, even those who haven't seen a single episode. And for most, that show is "The Office" or maybe "Parks and Rec." Well, I'm here to show you why "Psych" is going to be your new obsession and how it will blow all the other shows out of the water.

1. It has literally everything.

Thumbs Up.


Some shows focus on one thing, be it sci-fi, drama, romance, crime or comedy. But "Psych" literally dabbles in everything. Shawn is a psychic detective who falls in love and has a tap-dancing best friend. They're on the lookout for vampires, werewolf, and zombies. They have a musical episode. They become comic book heroes in another. Anything you want is in this show!

2. No other friendships come close to that of Shawn and Gus.

Come on, son.


Forget Rachel and Monica. Hell no to Jim and Dwight. Who even are Leslie and Ann?? Shawn and Gus are the only friends you should be calling #FriendGoals. They are 100% in sync with each other. They've watched every 80's movie together and know all of each other one-liners. They're a beautiful pair of models, Black and Tan respectively. They've done everything under the sun together, and will forever be each other's best man. (Honestly, none of us will compare to this friendship.)

3. Shawn and Juliet's romance will keep you on your toes.

Me too you.


We've all sat by and watched Ross and Rachel going on breaks, getting married and divorced within weeks and even marrying other people. And while that was interesting to watch, it can't touch Shules (Shawn and Jules' "shipname"). They have about five years of sexual tension that builds up to one beautiful kiss and then secrets are revealed. They break up. They sleep together a couple times, maybe he's able to win her back, maybe he's not. You'll just have to watch to find out. ;) Also the two characters were (and might be again) together in real life, and they're just as cute!

4. Even your least favorite characters will win your heart.

High Five.


He may have started as a grumpy, semi-divorced detective, but by the end, he was the fun-loving, great husband and beautiful father we all wanted to hug 24/7. He probably had the most character development over any other character, and we will all love you forever, Carlton Lassiter.

5. They've had every and all celebrities on their show.

Cary Elwes


Literally, you name someone and chances are they've guest starred. All but one of the Breakfast Club Kids were on the show at least once. Cary Elwes, Val Kilmer, John Cena, Mädchen Amick, the cast of Twins Peak, Kerry Washington..you get the point.

6. It's over the top in the best way possible.

Musical Number.


Yes, maybe a two-hours long musical episode isn't in the typical criteria for a TV show, but aren't we all glad it happened?? They made the best and the brightest episodes out of something so simple or so "out there." I promise you the ideas that come out of this show you won't find anywhere else. (Seriously psych writers, where do all these crazy plot twists and musical numbers come from?!)

Now, unfortunately, Netflix has taken Psych off (I don't know whose dumb idea that was) but that's never stopped any of us from watching shows somewhere else. I own every episode on my laptop so come stop by my apartment anytime, I'll probably be watching it anyways. Just make sure you've seen all the episodes so I can ask you if you've heard about Pluto (because that's messed up). And then you can fist bump me without looking. And I can finally tell you all the things I've heard both ways.

And for any true Psych fans out there: Three-Hole Punch...

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