From the first time, I saw the sea of people on the floor and throughout the stands of the BJC. Until the time I left on Sunday, I had goosebumps. I went through the weekend watching my school come together as one to fight against something that is so much bigger than us, and we did pretty dang good. For 46 hours my heart fluttered in excitement, my eyes filled with tears of both pride and joy and my brain pondered in disbelief of how amazing the weekend was and I was there, apart of it.

Now that THON 2019 is over:

1. I have learned to Shape the Moment.

The theme for THON this year was Shape the Moment, which encourages us to create our own experience in whatever situation we are handed. The weekend reminded me to find the light in whatever darkness I am facing.

2. My faith in college students is replenished.

THON is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. Do me a favor, read that again. The largest student-run philanthropy in the world. Penn State students are responsible for all aspects of THON, they take care and plan all of the events. We, as college students, are able to come together and raise millions of dollars for childhood cancer, that's pretty spectacular.

3. My heart is full.

Listening to THON families speak at THON weekend and to hear how much this event means to them is the most heartwarming and rewarding thing about the weekend.

4. My soul has been lifted.

The energy and happiness in the BJC were able to completely lift my spirit and put me in the best mood despite the stressful and sleepless weekend.

5. I am humbled.

As a freshman experiencing my first THON, it is still hard to believe that I was apart of that. I did that along with my student body.

6. I am beaming with pride.

Penn State pride is always a thing and during THON weekend it is an overwhelming amount.

7. I have realized just how truly amazing it is.

I always knew what THON was and what it stood for, but you don't realize what you're apart of until you stand there and listen to the families that your time and fundraising have supported. It isn't until the final four hours that the meaning becomes so surreal.

8. I feel honored to have been apart of it.

I am so grateful that Penn State is responsible for THON and we are able to do this every single year.

9. Bring on THON 2020!

THON is one weekend, but students are constantly working every day leading up to it for the entire year. I can't wait to attend my second THON, but I don't think anything can beat the first. If you live in the surrounding areas or are a student not involved in THON I highly suggest attending, THON is open to the public and it is the most rewarding Penn State event you could attend.