I'm here to discuss a major issue in today's society. The issue that is Taylor Swift. More specifically, her music.

With her new album about to drop, and four singles already out, I'm here to announce I have been brainwashed by Taylor Swift herself.

I consider myself a Taylor Swift fan, say what you want about her but she's involved in many charities and seems to be a genuinely nice person. I mean the woman hosted a party for her fans with the release of her 1989 album. It's hard to come by such a down to earth A-list celebrity.

My problem is not with her as a person, but her as a songwriter. Because she's too good. I know almost every word to almost all her songs and go on Taylor Swift binges where I'll listen to only her music for days at a time. She writes lyrical cocaine. Meaning, I don't even like some of her songs, but I can't stop listening to them.

Take "Look What You Made Me Do" for example, her first of the singles she released for her newest album, Reputation. The chorus makes me picture an oversized man dancing in a way that he solely moves his upper body in a circular, shimmying, motion. (see below for reference, but picture something even more uncomfortable to look at) But I constantly find myself humming it, and certainly don't change the radio station when it comes on.

Exhibit B is one of her more recent singles "Gorgeous". Lets all be honest. Lyrically, this song SUCKS. It's corny and childish. Ex. the entire chorus and the part where she says something about going to home to her cats. But the beat is one of her catchiest. It pains me to admit, I listen to this at least once a day and know all the words: Lyrical cocaine in the purest form.

The other two of her four singles from this album have a hint of the old Taylor, giving me hope that she isn't really dead. For that I am eternally grateful because I'm counting on hearing some of that "sit in bed on a rainy day looking out a window missing someone you never actually dated" kind of song, like "White Horse" or "Tear Drops on my Guitar".

The problem is, even if this album isn't exactly up to par, and the old Taylor that I know and love, that sings about heart breaks, and love is dead, I'm still going to listen to her latest release, and I know I'm still going to learn every word. It's because somehow she brainwashed me. It's as if her songs are a pocket watch on a chain being swung back and forth hypnotizing me, and there's nothing I can do about it.

So great job Taylor. You can do no wrong in my eyes.