In today’s society, concealed carry is a very controversial topic. The act of carrying a concealed weapon is supported and practiced by many people, but is also worrisome and frightening to others. I am one of the people who is in full support of carrying a concealed weapon.

I believe that concealed carry should be available to everyone in every state at the age of 18. I also believe that there should be one universal concealed carry permit that is accepted in all states. Every American that meets the requirements to carry a concealed weapon should have the privilege to do so.

A common response to the right to carry a concealed weapon is that concealed carry simply puts guns in the hands of more people. While this is true, I would argue that concealed carry permit holders are screened beforehand and are what most people would consider “good guys.” To add to this, if someone had the desire to commit an act of evil, they would use any means necessary and a law against gun ownership would not stop them.

Putting guns in the hands of good people who know how to properly use a weapon could greatly reduce the number of mass shootings that occur in this country. A majority of people who wish to cause evil would be less likely to act if they knew that their chances of death are greatly increased.

Think about it: Would someone wanting to rob a gas station actually act if they knew that at least half of the people in the store, and maybe even the cashier, had access to a weapon? I believe most people would agree that the chances of that person acting on that crime would be greatly decreased.

A concealed carry permit is no different than any driver's license, and with that, there should be one universal permit that is accepted in all states. One’s ability to legally protect themselves or others should not be determined by the state they are in.

In addition, a concealed carry permit should be allowed to be obtained at the age of 18. If someone can serve and die for their country at 18, there is no reason that they should not be allowed to protect themselves and others around them at 18.

I always have and always will support the ownership and use of guns for protection. I fully believe that guns are not the problem; people who wish to perform acts of evil are the problem. Good people with the means to protect themselves could greatly decrease the chances of evil acts occurring. Guns are not the problem, but they could greatly aid in the solution.