Yes, I Want A Protective Boyfriend

Every girl has her idea of who she wants her Mr. Right to be, each being different from the last. Typically the list would include things such as romantic, respectful, caring, etc. However, is the word protective ever on the list? It's on mine.

However, when I say protective know I don't mean a jealous boyfriend, there is a difference. When I say protective, in *my* head, it means someone who claims me as his, in a public way because that's his girl and he's so in love with her. I want someone who will realize what we have is special and he's going to do what he can to keep me around.

Let's be real here, sometimes in a relationship, you don't always feel as valued as you would like, this isn't something you have to worry about with a protective boyfriend. This is a natural thing and it happens.

Part of my definition of a protective boyfriend is doing small romantic things, so when it's 10:30, you are having a bad day and the voices in your head are saying you aren't valued and you get a text from him, you'll know you are valued. And when I say small romantic things, I mean a text or just a random "You look beautiful today".

A protective boyfriend is one who wants to protect his girl from harm. No matter what type of harm it may be. Part of this being, if another guy is looking at her or trying to flirt, he will be sure everyone knows who his girl is. No matter if it is just her being a little scared and you holding her in your arms or seeing what that noise in the middle of the night, feeling safe is a positive in a relationship.

Part of a boyfriend's job, naturally, is to protect his girl's heart and feelings. However, sometimes boyfriends do this by not always telling their girl everything. However, a protective boyfriend tells his girl everything, because even if it hurts her, it may hurt her more not knowing. Besides he's not protecting her if she finds out later.

The most important and last way to be a protective boyfriend is to protect your girl is sexually. This means not doing things that she isn't comfortable with or forcing her into stuff. A protective boyfriend will know there's more to a girl then her body. Protecting her sexually goes back to the feeling valued thing!

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