How To Protect Yourself From 3 Types Of Parasitic People
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How To Protect Yourself From 3 Types Of Parasitic People

You don't need their validation.

How To Protect Yourself From 3 Types Of Parasitic People
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They say it takes all kinds to make the world go round, but I can and would love to go without dealing with some. I have come to learn, know, and deal with many different types of people. While some people come into your life to bring you love, others simply come to teach you a lesson. The people that have taught me the most are actually those that I would consider “parasitic people.”

Like an actual parasite, they don’t always make their presence known right away. More often than not, you welcome them in. Before long, you notice the negative affects they are having on you and those around you, but by that time, it’s too late. In other cases, this parasitic person has been sucking your energy for months or even years. They can be a member of your family or long time friend that tends to bring out the worst in you, yet you aren’t sure how to let go of them or you’re used to dealing with their negative behavior.

Be mindful of these Parasitic People.

The Chronic Victim

They play on your emotions while feeding you mind games, and before you know it, you feel bad for the person that actually owes you an apology. How the heck did that happen, you ask? You were manipulated and fell into their guilt trap. These people are extremely cunning and truly believe their own lies. In their mind, even if they cursed you, harmed you, or completely disrespected you, in the end, you are the guilty party. You are the bad guy and you should feel terrible. This person will not ever take into consideration that they called for the storm and cried when it rained. In their eyes, they always have been and always will be a victim.

The Control Junkie

These people will latch on to your life and wreak total havoc. Their interactions with you will not only drain you emotionally and mentally, but can also drain you physically and financially. They control the comfort, routine, and emotions of everyone around them, yet have no control over their actions, mouths, or selves. They can’t digest any criticism or even someone having a view that doesn’t coincide with theirs. It’s their way or the highway. It doesn’t matter the situation or the event, if they aren’t in control or satisfied, you better hold on tight. Being in their presence, makes you feel helpless and on edge while their rationale makes you question not only their sanity, but also yours for dealing with them.

The Selectively Blind/ The Ultimate Judge

Ever notice that the people with the least amount of room to talk always seem to be the ones who speak the loudest? You know, the type of people that aim to “expose you” or let you know how you’re wrong or need improvement, but can’t take what they dish out. They can spot your flaws, insecurities, and shortcomings from a mile away, yet they never see or correct any issues with themselves. Everyone has a problem…but them. They will go around bad mouthing you, trying to make others look at you in a negative light, and make obscene claims about you, in an effort to break you down and hurt your reputation. As they say, hurt people hurt people. They want you to feel as empty and upset as they are.

How I Learned To Properly Interact with These People

I don’t and neither should you. Communicate with them only when you have to or don’t feel under attack. Other than that, keep your distance, preserve your inner peace, and live your life happily and without the need for validation.

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