Enough is Enough!
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Enough is Enough!

Don't Let Our Voices Be Silenced

Enough is Enough!

As I am writing this, I once again feel numb.

As an 18 year old student I have said that phrase way too many times because of the same senseless gun violence that keeps happening around this country. Since the school shooting in Parkland ,Florida on February 14th, there has been six fatal school shootings. SIX. It's only May. It has only been three months. This is not okay. It is not okay to make this the new normal of schools in America.

I've been fortunate not to know anyone involved or be directly involved in an active school shooting. However, sometimes I wonder if my school or if one of my loved ones schools will be next. I shouldn't have to think about or wonder about any of this. No student should have to feel any of this. On the day of the Santa Fe shooting one of the students when interviewed said something along the lines of because its been happening so much and everywhere they weren't that shocked that it happened to them too.

What kind of world do we live in that once you go through a school shooting you're not shocked about it becuase you figured it would happen to you eventually? How many kids have to die before you realize you should protect your children NOT your guns? There has been too many cases of school shootings and enough is enough. As students we are sick of being afraid or worried that something is going to happen. I am sick of sitting in school and looking at the news and seeing more and more students killed or hurt and having to grieve for more and more.

If after seeing these shootings you think the answer is to make less doors in the schools and more guns you are the problem we are facing in America. Your guns are not more important. What is important is the lives of our children and our right to go to school, get an education, and not be shot at. Protects kids not guns. While yes it is the second amendment, that amendment can be changed for thats the definition of an amendment. More regulations and less access to certain types of guns is what this country needs. Clenching onto your guns and that stupid amendment is ridiculous. Our right to a safe education is way more important than your guns and if you feel otherwise, you are the problem of this country. If legalization is not put into place, I am afraid that I will teach one day and be a victim or my students victims of gun violence and thats not okay.

Do something today, keep speaking up about this issue and don't let your voice be silenced no matter your age, religion, race, or sexual orientation your life matters and so does your voice. Speak up because enough is enough.

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