Obviously no one would ever chose to live in a dorm permanently. At least if you're sane. However, I wouldn't change my freshman year in a dorm for the word. I learned so much about how to care for myself, for others, and how to understand people on a whole new level. Although it can often be seen as just a grimy bedroom, covered in hairballs of strange strands and dust, it is also character building. It causes you to know a group of people in a way that you have never experienced, other than with your family. You know their habits and routines, you've shared extensive memories through out the year. You didn't even have to become best friends, but you've developed a love and understanding for those people. And now it's time to move out for good. You may or may not live with them again, but it will never be the same as that first year; with all of the same people and circumstances. So here is a list of the bad things about living in a dorm that turned out to be something I am grateful for.

1. Pro: No more tip toeing around trying not to wake up anyone in the suite

2. Con: No more sleepovers every night

3. Pro: No more fire alarms in the middle of the night

4. Con: No more late night food runs while the fire department raids the dorms to find a burnt bag of popcorn

5. Pro: No more arguing about who gets to use the disgusting dorm shower first

6. Con: No one to dance to your shower music with you from the other side of the door

7. Pro: No more mixed up clothing piles

8. Con: No more having multiple closets to shop in before a night out

9. Pro: No more people keeping you up all night

10. Con: No more late night convos on the dorm futon/beanbag

11. Pro: No more gross dorm food

12. Con: No more group meals at the dining halls

13. Pro: No more crazy nights coming back to the dorm at 2am

14. Con: No more nightly recaps the next Sunday morning

15. Pro: No more homework distractions

16. Con: No more live-in tutors of different strengths

17. Pro: No more suite drama

18. Con: No more nonstop laughter about weird inside jokes

I'm not saying that you have to absolutely love your dorm living experience. But take what you can from it. Whether it be memories, or clothes that your suite mates don't want anymore at the end of the year.