The 12 Pros And Cons Of Living With A Roommate

The 12 Pros And Cons Of Living With A Roommate

Living with a roommate is not for everyone.

Many people find themselves living with a roommate at some point in their lives. However, there are both pros and cons that come along with such a living arrangement.


1. There's always someone to confirm your outfit decisions.

Picking out a good outfit for an event is typically a ginormous struggle. Having a roommate guarantees another person to check over your outfit before you leave in order to make sure you are ready to slay whatever event you are headed to.

2. They'll help motivate you to actually go to your classes.

Sometimes the hardest decision of your day may be whether or not you want to actually go to class. Skipping just seems so much easier than actually getting out of bed and walking to a different building in the blistering cold. Therefore, a roommate is beneficial because they can give you the extra motivation you need to brace the cold and help keep your G.P.A. in a good place.

3. It's cheaper.

Having a roommate usually allows you to split the cost of rent and utilities with you allowing you to save some of your money.

4. They help you clean.

All of the messes made can be cleaned up in half of the time it would usually take to clean up. If you're lucky, you may be able to split the chores in such a way so that you don't have to do the chores you dislike the most.

5. Automatic friends.

A roommate ensures that there will usually be someone around to hang out with when all of the people you typically hang out with are busy. So, when it's cold outside and no one wants to leave their home, you will still have a friend around.

6. Sharing.

Have you ever been getting ready to go out and then realize you have nothing to wear? Have you ever run out of something and have no time to get to the store? When you have a roommate, you can always ask them if you can borrow whatever you need at the moment!


1. Less privacy.

The more roommates you have, the less privacy you have. There may only be one small space that you can escape to for some sort of privacy. However, if you live in a dorm you may not even get that. You'll just have to get used to having someone else around all the time.

2. Their schedule might clash with yours.

Whether they have to get up early in the morning or they come back late at night, a roommates schedule may have some conflicts with yours. This could include you waking up to their alarm or you hearing them open the door very late in the night and waking you up.

3. Too much human interaction.

Sometimes you just want to hide away and not see or speak to anyone for a couple of days. However, when you have a roommate, there's always someone that you'll have to see and speak to.

4. They may be messier than you.

While you may be able to split the chores evenly, it won't necessarily be fair if they're making a majority of the mess. This is where communication comes into play in order to ensure that there's a fair workload.

5. Possible enemies.

You may love your roommate, but you also may strongly dislike your roommate. The easiest way to get through having a bad roommate is to just attempt to be civil.

6. Sharing.

It can be a good thing but it also can be bad. For example, you want to wear a specific shirt to that dinner you're going to tonight but your roommate borrowed it and now it's dirty.

Roommates aren't for everyone make sure to check the pros and cons when deciding whether or not you want to share a living arrangement with someone else!

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7 Reasons Becoming An Aunt Is The Best Thing In The World


My aunt always used to tell me "there is no love in the world like an aunt for her niece." And I never understood what she meant until five and a half years ago, when I was blessed with a niece of my own. She is my world, my best little friend, my everything. And if you aren't lucky enough at this point in your life to experience what its like to have the gift of a niece, I'll let you know what it entails.

1. She never turns down an ice cream date

When you start to grow up, you realize some people become adults and start having their own way of life that sometimes you don't agree with. For me, it was realizing some people actually care about calories and sugar intake, and I began to get turned down when I would ask my best friends if they wanted to get ice cream with me. But then I got a niece, and we are currently about 27 for 27 with accepting my offers for an ice cream date.

2. In her eyes, you can do no wrong.

When everyone else in the world is doubting you, you'll always have your little sidekick who hasn't got a doubt in the world that you can do it. You are her cool aunt, and you are perfect and she loves you more than anything in the world.

3. She'll tell you if your dress doesn't match your shoes.

Are you really going to wear that to the party, Paigey? She always wants you to look like the princesses she watches on Disney Channel every day. She tells it like it is, because she doesn't really know any better, and that is something you just don't get in a lot of your peers anymore... Mostly because they aren't five years old, and they have a filter, unlike her.

4. Most things society frowns upon you doing? Yeah, she thinks you're that much cooler if you do them.

Such as eating marshmallows for dinner or wearing a princess crown in a fancy restaurant.

5. She's always excited to see you.

It fills your heart to see someone's face light up with joy at the sight of you, and with nieces, this happens each and every time you see them. Talk about a confidence booster.

6. She reminds you how to be a kid again, and how precious it is.

I get to be my five-year-old self when I hang out with her, and I remember how to be the carefree, happy, and naive little girl that I was when I was young. She gives me such an appreciation for my childhood and brings out the best in me that, over the past 15 years of me growing up, I forgot I had in me.

7. When everyone else in the world walks out, your niece never will.

You were her very first best friend, and she will always be your whole world.

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An Unopened Christmas Letter To The Aunt Spending Her First Christmas In Heaven

The love and joy you gave me, I can now pass on to someone else. And that is the best Christmas gift anyone could ask for.


We were thankful to have you last Christmas. It was bittersweet, because deep down inside, I think we all knew it was your last Christmas.

Last Christmas...

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart. Little did I know, you would depart with a huge part of it.

This year, all I want is to see you, to hold you, to hear your voice at least one more time, but I understand things are different now. And I am trying to understand this is truly for the best.

Last Christmas, we prayed for a miracle. Something to ensure your quality of life, for at least a little longer. Our faith had been shaken, but not destroyed. We knew you were a warrior, and you wouldn't go down without a fight.

This Year...

As much as it breaks me this year, to try to put on a smile throughout all the seasonal lights, celebrations, and food that won't be nearly as good as yours, I can't help but feel there is something missing.

My Christmas light is gone. My second mother seemed to have just vanished so slowly, yet so quickly, and far too soon.

I know there is no better way to spend Christmas than with the Birthday Boy Himself, however, I'm not sure how to fill the void in my heart that went to Heaven right along with you.

To Save Me From Tears...

I want to be happy for you. I am standing before you, but I'm dying on the ground. I feel cold and broken and empty.

But you were so warm. You were so pink with joy. You were so beautiful and full of life. You are no longer suffering. You are no longer fighting for your life, but embracing eternal love and joy.

So this year, I will not let your memory go down with the candles I have lit. I will not let your flame quiet as I turn to darkness, but I will keep a light lit high and bright, just for you, the way you like.

I will still eat your favorite foods, and try to bake your favorite deserts. And although I know nothing will ever compare to having you next to me...

Sometimes, deep down in my heart, I still hear your gentle voice. I still hear you calling to me, telling me you love me, and that you will never fully leave me.

One day, I will find peace, the way you did. But today, I am still searching for you, as I always will be.

I'll Give it to Someone Special...

You did take a part of me with you. A big part of my faith and hope left when you left me too. A part of me is always in agony, in pain, but nothing compares to the pain you endured. You were strong and fought it just for us.

Now, I will follow your example. I will be strong and fight it, just for my child.

Yes, you left this world, you left me in some way, but you didn't leave me empty-handed. You left me broken, but not for long. You took a part of my heart, just to replace it with the biggest blessing of my life.

You granted me a child in my womb to keep me from feeling empty and withering away. While you were my amber, you left me with something to live for. A purpose. A reason. An everlasting love and joy.

The love and joy you gave me, I can now pass on to someone else. And that is the best Christmas gift anyone could ask for.

You will live with me, through me, and for me, as I use your examples and love to raise my child the way you raised your children and the way you raised me. And for that, I cannot thank you enough.

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