Everyone has a preference on what lipstick shade range and finish they prefer. A matte finish lip look has reigned supreme in the last few years with liquid lipsticks being the favored product to achieve this look. I am here, however, to root for the underdog: matte lipsticks. People love liquid lipsticks for its ability to avoid rubbing over and staying power. I'm here to tell you why it's not all that it's cracked up to be.

1. Matte lipsticks fade better

Sure, liquid lipsticks claim to have a better lasting power on the lips. However, any makeup junkie knows that when liquid lipsticks are on long enough they start to dry out the lips and crack. They get uncomfortable and peel off in obvious chunks. Even though matte lipsticks come off, they fade more naturally and look more like a stain on the lips. It transitions into a more subtle look that'll make passersby think it was planned.

2. They last longer

Since it is liquid, liquid lipsticks tend to go bad faster. They can turn goopy and get hard to apply within 6 months or less of opening. Matte lipsticks shelf life tends to be a bit longer than that and its ability to apply on the lips stays the same. If it does get hard or streaky to apply, however, it can easily be fixed by warming the product up before applying.

3. They're forgiving

If you're a makeup beginner, liquid lipsticks are not the way to go your first time. It's easy to not follow the shape of your lips and outline too much. Then once it dries, it is difficult to just fix that one spot and leave the rest alone. With matte lipsticks, if you make a mistake, you can wipe it away with some makeup remover-soaked q-tip without any fuss!

4. They're more comfortable

Since a liquid lipstick dries down completely matte, it feels stiffer and more uncomfortable when you wear them. You can't rub your lips together for fear of it clumping up or lick your lips in case it gets sticky. A matte lipstick provides flexible wear and is more forgiving.