10 Pros And Cons Of Going To College In Your Hometown, As Told By "New Girl"
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10 Pros And Cons Of Going To College In Your Hometown, As Told By "New Girl"

"I don't like it. It's too much responsibility." — Nick

10 Pros And Cons Of Going To College In Your Hometown, As Told By "New Girl"
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Deciding where to go to college when you’re a high school senior can be one of the best or worst decisions of your life. Most people decide to take the bold move and go to college out of their home state, but there’s that small percentage of students who decide to stay in state. Sure, going to college in the same town you grew up in is whether it was by choice or not, staying in state definitely has its perks.

PROS: Ahhhh yes... the good stuff

1. Home Cooked Meals Are Only A Short Drive Away

Getting to this point is probably the best reason for staying in town. If you're anything like me, you'd rather make the 30 minute drive home to eat something good rather than than try and cook something for yourself. #freefood

2. Free Laundry Machine Service When You're Short On Coins For Laundry

A 'responsible adult' would typically do their laundry at least once a week, but for a college student that just does not happen. If you live somewhere where laundry service isn't free then you get this personal struggle. Having to scrap coins that aren't pennies is hard enough but trying not to use them at the vending machine during those late night munchies... impossible.

3. You'll Never get Homesick, Like Ever

You'll never have to worry about posting on Instagram about how much you miss home and how homesick you are. If you have a car, its easy to drive home whenever you miss your bed, your shower, TV...Oh! And your parents too.

4. Having To Fit 4 Seasons Worth Of Clothes In A Tiny College Closet Isn't Necessary

Living close to home, I'll never have to worry about not having enough space in my apartment for all the clothes I own for every season. Once it starts to get cool, you just switch out your summer clothes for your fall and winter clothes at home!

5. You'll Never Have To Miss On Family Outings

If you're like me, missing out on family get togethers or movie nights creates major FOMO. Staying in your hometown for college allows you to never miss out on those family game nights and dinners. You'll always be close to home and never have to miss important milestones in your siblings' life.

CONS: Every pro needs to have its cons, right?

6. You're A Little TOO Familiar With Your Surroundings

Unfortunately, if you thought you'd be able to get away from the negative energy of your side of town by moving across town, you thought wrong. You'll still have to face those awkward encounters with high school peers you never really got along with. #sorry

7. Being Fully Independent, Like Your Friends, Isn't An Option For You

Being a minute drive away from home is nice until your parents suddenly start to come to 'your side of town' more often than usual. The independence you thought you had slowly starts to fade away.

8. Expect The Unexpected Parental Visits

It's not long after you move out that your parents start 'visiting' you in your new home. Those visits quickly become frequent check ups and soon enough its like you never even moved out of your parents house in the first place.

9. Oh How You Could've Wished You Chose To Go Out Of State

Sorry parents, but us kids need a break from you too. No offense, though! We still love you very much, but every once in a while, distance is a necessity to keep each others sanity from breaking point.

10. Home Responsibilities Still Carry On In College

You think that by moving out of your parents home for college would eliminate all the responsibilities you had when you lived with them, BUT you thought wrong! There's nothing worse than getting a call on Saturday morning from your mom asking you to run errands for her on your day of recovery.

Whether you decided to stay in town for college or move across the country, everyone can relate to these perks and struggles of growing up and going to college.

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