5 Phrases That Are Proof That Mexican Sayings Are The Weirdest Sayings
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5 Phrases That Are Proof That Mexican Sayings Are The Weirdest Sayings

It's weird, oh so weird.

5 Phrases That Are Proof That Mexican Sayings Are The Weirdest Sayings
Arleth Uranga

Being in Mexico the past week showed me that sayings in Spanish are odd. They always involve some type of food, animal, and/or force of nature that is supposed to impart wisdom. None of these really translate well, and without context, they don't sound meaningful, but I promise they help out a lot.

These are sayings that my great grandparents use, as well as my grandparents and parents, either tell you to clean up your room or even your life. Funny how the world works, because now I use these too.

1. Shrimp that goes to sleep, the current takes

Camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente.

This is a Mexican way of saying "stay woke." That's right, we said it first.

2. Better a bird in hand than a hundred flying

Más vale pájaro en mano que cien volando.

This just means that, if you got something that's sure, don't give it up for the hope of something better that is uncertain. The weird part about this is the animal analogy being used again.

3. Dirty clothes are washed at home

Los trapos sucios se lavan en casa.

This is the line you would tell two siblings fighting in public. "Dirty clothes" would be the quarrel and the "washing" would be done at home.

4. Water that you will not drink, let it run

Agua que no has de beber déjala correr.

"Mind your business." Not the nicest way to say it, but nobody really uses it in that context.

5. You're going to stay to dress saints

Te vas a quedar a vestir santos.

Yup, weird huh? This means that you're going to stay lonely all your life. Since you are going to be single, then you might become a priest/nun.

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