With the start of second semester comes a whole lot of craziness. You look back at your first semester and promise everything is going to be so different this time around. Odds are you'll end up doing all the same things, but hey it's the thought that counts, right?

1. Promise to never hook up with the same mistake from last semester

You've been down that road, and it wasn't pretty. This semester you promise, no matter what, you will not hookup with that one (maybe more than one) person again. You tell your best friends so they can be on alert and make sure nothing happens. The first time you see them you do a really great job of hiding or running away, but just remember, old habits die hard.

2. Promise to eat healthier and go to the gym

Spring break is a major event during second semester, and you want to look good on vacation. You set alarms early and buy healthy food to keep in your room, but usually you hit snooze too many times and the food goes bad because you're too lazy to prepare it yourself. It's way easier to sleep in and grab greasy food on your way to class.

3. Promise to study more

Maybe you got a little too carried away going out first semester, and your GPA shows it. Well now you're going to fix that. Instead of leaving things off until the night before, you're going to start doing work as soon as it's assigned! Staying in and studying in the library is going to get real boring really fast. Just keep telling yourself you'll pick up your grades before the next test.

4. Promise to save more money

It's no exaggeration when you say you're a broke college student. After making it through last semester with $3 in your bank account most of the time, you really have to be more careful with your spending. No more ordering in food late at night because you're too lazy to walk to the dining hall, maybe stay in a few nights instead of spending all the cash in your wallet on cabs and such, and definitely stop ordering clothes online (you're running out of space in your closet). Or just waste it all again, and keep begging your parents to send you money.

5. Promise to get more involved on campus

There's no time like the present to start building up the resume by joining some cool clubs. You'll get to meet more people and make connections that could help you in the future. But that requires you to stop watching Netflix and go to meetings, and lets be real, what would you rather be doing?

6. Promise to keep your room clean

Last semester your room, much like your life, was a mess. But this time around you're keeping it together, and you will not let your room become a war zone. Instead of coming home from class and throwing your clothes on the floor, use your laundry basket for its intended use; and put your clean clothes back where they belong so they don't end up dirty. Slowly this enthusiasm for organization disintegrates as work piles up so does the mound of clothing and garbage in your room. It was nice while it lasted though.

Whatever promises you make to yourself this semester just make sure it's the best one yet!