22 Promises To The Man I'll Marry
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22 Promises To The Man I'll Marry

Just a glimpse into the future.

22 Promises To The Man I'll Marry

As girls we all dream about the guy that we'll see as we walk down the aisle one day. We don't know who it will really be until that day comes, but we can imagine what it will be like. As I think about that, I think about the kind of man he will be and in turn, the woman I will be by the time that day comes. I've made promises to myself about the type of wife I will be and I was just going to share them so that (for my gals) this can give you some ideas if you choose to start this list too.

1. I promise that I will actively pursue the Lord first in order to find you.

2. I promise that I will be quick to listen and slow to anger.

3. I promise that even on your worst day (when you're being the sassiest and most ornery) I will make you laugh and smile so that those bad thoughts don't linger for as long.

4. I promise to grow with you and appreciate your passions.

5. I promise to never go to bed angry at you or without settling a disagreement.

6. I promise that I will actively pursue the father in every walk of life, individually and with you.

7. I promise to always be open and honest about every little thing and situation. I will reveal all of my scars without shame and allow you to see the places that have formed me into the woman I am.

8. I promise to let you into my past so that you know me and are able to see how much I've grown and the person that I am striving to become.

9. I promise to actively watch football with you and love every minute of it (even if you aren't an Alabama fan).

10. I promise to not make you watch too many chick flicks, even though you might secretly like them.

11. I promise to pray for you every day, multiple times a day. I've already started and it won't stop now. :)

12. I promise to be on your side and on your team through it all.

13. I promise to support you as a spiritual leader in our household. It isn't easy and we all fumble but I will be there as your life partner through everything.

14. I promise that you will always know that you are loved, valued and appreciated.

15. I promise to annoy you with hugs and kisses until you laugh and smile.

16. I promise to choose you, every day, for the rest of my life.

17. I promise to give our marriage 115% and to never waver in my vows to you.

18. I promise that I will give you space to still enjoy things that make you, you. (aka man things that most girls will never love - golf, fishing, etc.)

19. I promise to love your family as my own.

20. I promise to never let it get boring.

21. I promise to try new foods and never be closed minded about things.

22. I promise to be myself and to let you see every side of me and to know me fully.

Life is crazy and it's weird that we're growing up, but those promises will remain. No matter what God has a plan for our lives. We might have met our future husband already, we might not, who knows. But I know that whatever happens, life will be beautiful and the journey will be an amazing story.

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