Promises To My Mom, Now That She's Gone
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Promises To My Mom, Now That She's Gone

You taught me everything, except how to live without you.

Promises To My Mom, Now That She's Gone
Catherine Greco


I promise to not remember you being in a hospital bed, but instead how strong of a woman you are.

I promise to take care of daddy, and make sure he's not doing anything he's not supposed to be doing.

I promise to never let Arianna forget her Nana, and to always remind her of how much you loved her.

I promise to always remind all your grandchildren how much you loved and cared about them.

I promise to continue to make you proud, even if you're not here to witness it for yourself.

I promise that when I find my Mr. Right, it's a guy you would approve of.

I promise to always continue your Holiday traditions every year, even if I have to continue them by myself.

I promise that when I have children one day, I will tell them everyday how great of a person you are and how much they would have been spoiled by you.

I promise to water your plants and at least try to keep them alive.

I promise to take care of myself. And yes, that means wearing my heavy jacket when it's cold.

I promise to continue my college career at Potsdam, even if it's after I take some time off to be with our family through this hard time.

I promise to listen to all of the advice you've ever given to me.

I promise to always stay smiling, even when times are hard.

I promise to always drive safe.

I promise to never drink and drive.

I promise to keep your collection of angels forever.

I promise to keep bread crumbs out of the butter because I know how much you hated it.

I promise to make sure to drink fluids when I'm sick.

I promise to never use metal silverware in your pots and pans because I know they will scratch the bottom of them.

I promise to stop being so stubborn at times, even though I got that quality from you.

I promise not to make any choices in life I will regret.

I promise to continue not taking life for granted.

I promise to live all my life to the fullest, with no regrets.

I promise to take daddy on the cruise that you two always wanted to go on.

I promise to always keep daddy smiling, even on his bad days.

I promise to never let you or myself down.

I promise to follow my dreams.

I promise to always stay healthy.

I promise to travel and see all the parts of the world that I've always wanted to see.

I promise to still go camping in Old Forge, like old times, even if it's not every Summer.

I promise to start putting up your village every year at Christmas time.

I promise to never let our family fall apart.

I promise to never be mad at you for leaving us, but instead be mad at life and how unfair it can be.

I promise to get a tattoo for you, because I always turned down getting a matching one with you.

I promise to never over load the washing machine.

I promise to think about you all the time.

I promise to always talk about you, and keep your memory alive.

I promise to laugh at all the good times we had together.

I promise to never be afraid of failing, because you taught me I can do anything I put my mind to.

I promise to continue to keep adding to my promises to you, because as years go on there will always be more.

I promise to keep all of these promises, I promise to never forget your voice, and how much you love me, I promise to miss you everyday and most importantly, I promise to never stop loving you.

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