The Analogical Story of Cheap John & the Cheapest Website Developer

The Analogical Story of Cheap John & the Cheapest Website Developer

For successful business, cheaper is never the best solution for website design and web development.


Your website cannot be accessed, clients are calling, your dedicated email for your site becomes inaccessible, you are trying to reach your web developer or the company that developed your site and they assure you that the problem will be resolved within the next hour or two. Hearing this, you heave a sigh of relief, and proceed to call your most important clients and relay the message to them, who accept.

This is 10. A.M, you rent out cars via online bookings and to make matters worse it's the weekend when your business is at its peak. 12.00 noon you call your website developer who was the cheapest website developer you could find when you started your business as you paid him only 500 dollars instead of 2000 dollars that other companies were charging and you were proud of yourself for saving 1,500 dollars.

The web developer's phone rings but he is not picking up! Well, he only charges 500 dollars for a website; you cannot expect him to have a secretary or a technical team waiting to serve you now did you? Your developer works with his wife's younger brother and it's a two man team and his buddy has a hangover and did not show up for work, and your web developer has to eat! Thank god, your phone rings, it's your web developer and he coolly says, it should be up after lunch.

You have already lost 4 car bookings and 3 online inquires by 2 PM when the phone rings and your web developer says that the issue is with the hosting server and your site will only be up the next day, you have lost 2,000 dollars' worth of business for the day.

Well, its business right, there's always risks, besides you saved 1,500 dollars for your company right? The next day you rise up at 7 A.M and try to access your site and all you see is ''AWWW SNAP', it is still early, maybe it will be accessible by 9 and you wait. 10 A.M you call your developer again and your conversation s ended abruptly with the response 'we are working on the issue as fast as we can' and cuts you off.

Its noon the next day you have lost 6 bookings and 8 inquiries altogether! 2 pm, the cheap web developer calls you and informs you that the problem can be fixed, provided you agree with to pay an additional 250 dollars, do you have a choice, you negotiate and agree to pay 200 dollars and the website is up at 5 pm.

You have lost 9 bookings and 13 inquiries altogether, your weekend take online is usually about 3,000 dollars to 4,000 dollars, but you wound up zero and you lost 200 dollars on top of that on top of the most terrible damage that could ever happen to your business! If your website is unreliable, would your rental cars be reliable? Rest assured that the 13 inquires found your competitor!

This is what happens when you hire a cheap web development company to build your website. Professional website design and web development companies will always create their own websites from scratch, ensuring they work perfectly, creating a design that is professionally suited to your business, which ranks well in search engines, are able to undertake search engine optimisation in house, and will always know the best web hosting companies to use to ensure hosting problems are eliminated as much as possible. This type of knowledge of the entire supply chain, relying heavily on in-house services, is what makes up a great website design and web development company.

Working with a local web design and web development company, hosting and seo services in house, and can demonstrate these abilities first hand, will ensure you won't run into any problems with your online marketing, keeping customers coming in and keeping your business moving forward.

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