The Analogical Story of Cheap John & the Cheapest Website Developer

The Analogical Story of Cheap John & the Cheapest Website Developer

For successful business, cheaper is never the best solution for website design and web development.


Your website cannot be accessed, clients are calling, your dedicated email for your site becomes inaccessible, you are trying to reach your web developer or the company that developed your site and they assure you that the problem will be resolved within the next hour or two. Hearing this, you heave a sigh of relief, and proceed to call your most important clients and relay the message to them, who accept.

This is 10. A.M, you rent out cars via online bookings and to make matters worse it's the weekend when your business is at its peak. 12.00 noon you call your website developer who was the cheapest website developer you could find when you started your business as you paid him only 500 dollars instead of 2000 dollars that other companies were charging and you were proud of yourself for saving 1,500 dollars.

The web developer's phone rings but he is not picking up! Well, he only charges 500 dollars for a website; you cannot expect him to have a secretary or a technical team waiting to serve you now did you? Your developer works with his wife's younger brother and it's a two man team and his buddy has a hangover and did not show up for work, and your web developer has to eat! Thank god, your phone rings, it's your web developer and he coolly says, it should be up after lunch.

You have already lost 4 car bookings and 3 online inquires by 2 PM when the phone rings and your web developer says that the issue is with the hosting server and your site will only be up the next day, you have lost 2,000 dollars' worth of business for the day.

Well, its business right, there's always risks, besides you saved 1,500 dollars for your company right? The next day you rise up at 7 A.M and try to access your site and all you see is ''AWWW SNAP', it is still early, maybe it will be accessible by 9 and you wait. 10 A.M you call your developer again and your conversation s ended abruptly with the response 'we are working on the issue as fast as we can' and cuts you off.

Its noon the next day you have lost 6 bookings and 8 inquiries altogether! 2 pm, the cheap web developer calls you and informs you that the problem can be fixed, provided you agree with to pay an additional 250 dollars, do you have a choice, you negotiate and agree to pay 200 dollars and the website is up at 5 pm.

You have lost 9 bookings and 13 inquiries altogether, your weekend take online is usually about 3,000 dollars to 4,000 dollars, but you wound up zero and you lost 200 dollars on top of that on top of the most terrible damage that could ever happen to your business! If your website is unreliable, would your rental cars be reliable? Rest assured that the 13 inquires found your competitor!

This is what happens when you hire a cheap web development company to build your website. Professional website design and web development companies will always create their own websites from scratch, ensuring they work perfectly, creating a design that is professionally suited to your business, which ranks well in search engines, are able to undertake search engine optimisation in house, and will always know the best web hosting companies to use to ensure hosting problems are eliminated as much as possible. This type of knowledge of the entire supply chain, relying heavily on in-house services, is what makes up a great website design and web development company.

Working with a local web design and web development company, hosting and seo services in house, and can demonstrate these abilities first hand, will ensure you won't run into any problems with your online marketing, keeping customers coming in and keeping your business moving forward.

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It's Time To Challenge 'You Complete Me' Culture

Your partner should be your companion, not your completion!


After having some time to reflect after "The Bachelor" finale, I think this is the perfect time to put this article out there. In this article, I want to offer you a different perspective on how to view relationships. I want to challenge you to defy cultural assumptions of what romance is and shine a light on how codependency can squash your happiness.

The puzzle analogy

In wedding vows or proclamations of love, we often hear the phrase, "You complete me." We compare finding our person to finding the missing piece of the puzzle in our lives. Once we place that puzzle piece in the empty hole, we can finally see the beautiful and complete picture. Without that piece, we would be in a frenzy, searching all around under the kitchen table and on everyone's chairs to see if we find it. We desperately hope the dog, or the baby, hasn't eaten it. We hold out hope.

This comparison, as I have found, has created quite an issue in our modern day society. We are so obsessed with finding that missing piece in our lives to complete us that we often search in the wrong places or live in unending frustration. Sometimes we find a perfectly wonderful person, but they seem to lack everything on our checklists of what we have deemed as the perfect missing piece, so we let them go. If you are one of the lucky ones who has found a person who fills the void in your life, you often try to shove them into the puzzle as hard as you can and force them to fit. You need to be filled; you need to have the beauty of the final picture — without it, how could you ever be completely happy?

Where did I go wrong?

I was riding along in the car with my boyfriend when I realized we had hit a rough patch. We are a long distance couple — going to separate colleges four hours away from each other — but we only live two minutes away from each other when we are back at home.

I had never had a boyfriend before my second semester of senior year. I had always been very independent. I moved a lot, which meant anytime I got close to dating someone, POOF, there I went. But, this time I had finally stayed and found an amazing guy — my best friend.

When I was single, I was the queen of relationship advice (as we all are when we are not blinded by rose-colored romance). Finally being in a relationship made me realize how easy it was to fall into habits that I had always scorned others for. I began letting this relationship affect me in ways I never even suspected it could.

Don't get me wrong, this was not his doing at all. My boyfriend is the sweetest guy I know. He is always lifting me up and supporting me to reach my dreams. While we both struggle with anxiety and depression, we have found a way to always put our individual mental health first. My boyfriend had dated people before me, but I had not. This altered expectations of what this relationship was supposed to look like for each of us. He knew what mistakes to try to stay away from, while I was still trying to figure it out.

How to reframe your perspective in relationships

Regardless of my background, I think I have stumbled on the most amazing way of reframing perspective in relationships. Once I started changing the lens on how I looked at our relationship, we started bickering less and I became so much happier.

Here it is: your significant other is your COMPANION, not your COMPLETION.

Of course, you should feel happy and enjoy when your partner is around. They should treat you with care and make you laugh, but they should not be the person filling the empty piece of your heart — that isn't their responsibility. They should not be the ultimate source of happiness that makes you feel emotionally whole. This perspective is extremely unhealthy because people are fickle and we make mistakes. We screw up . . . all the time. Our culture loves to use the phrase, "You complete me." It sounds extremely romantic. However, it can be so problematic.

Now, when I spend time or communicate with my boyfriend, I see it as a lucky bonus we get after we both have spent time improving ourselves that day. When I text him, I don't expect him to reply to me immediately — even though I still wish he would because of the need for instant gratification, let's be real. I know that he is going after his dreams by working as hard as he can to make a life for himself. As a girlfriend, not only should I commend him for that, but I should also give him the space to do that. Likewise, I should go after my dreams and work as hard as I can to achieve them.

Your partner should be the fun blanket you have on top of your comforter. You would be just as warm without the blanket and still get a good nights sleep, but the blanket is still really fuzzy and gives you extra joy and you can wrap it around you while you are watching tv. And, if it is a really cold and stormy night, perhaps you snuggle up with your blanket and hold it tightly for a little extra warmth and comfort.

I am a believer in God, and I believe his holy spirit makes me whole. Regardless of if you share this belief or not, I think we can all agree that we are all supposed to walk through life together and lift each other up. If we expect to put our happiness and worth on the shoulders of one person, then that relationship is going to crumble. Why would you want the person you love most to crumble? I certainly don't. I want to be able to look my partner in the eyes and say, "I love you and I want to stand by you when you need me. When you don't, I will be okay because I am still whole and fulfilled".


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