16 Pro Tips For Freshman At Missouri State
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16 Pro Tips For Freshman At Missouri State

Bear Up!

16 Pro Tips For Freshman At Missouri State

Missouri State is seriously the best college and they always do their best to help their students succeed. It takes a lot to get through freshman year and here are some pro tips from people that have been there and done that.

Use a planner for EVERYTHING

Whether it is a cute Lily planner, one from the book store, or even your phone, write down everything. Assignments and activities build up fast and you will be grateful that you know what is happening when.

Don't be afraid to ask questions


The professors really want you to talk to them so go ahead and ask that question. I can't express how many times I have had a question be asked by another person and also how many times my questions went unanswered because I was too afraid to ask.

Go to class


It is so easy to get in the habit of skipping class, I am a junior trust me because I have been there, but a lot of gen eds take attendance for a reason. They want you to go to class so just go; your grade will thank you later.

Get involved

Missouri State has over 350 organizations on campus to choose from and they make it so easy to start your own so definitely get involved. There is something for everyone.

Don't be afraid to sleep in public places

The library is huge and has a lot of nooks and crannies to grab a quick nap (as does the PSU) so take advantage of that. You will be begging for sleep in between classes and there will come a day when you pass out in the library. Its okay; we all do it.

Always say yes to new friends

College can be a big place and Springfield is an amazing place to explore, but be sure to do it with friends because it is more fun. I was at Potters House and a friend of mine met a random girl and they wound up going to see the house from The Act that same night. Always say yes to new friends.

Qdoba is just a short walk away

Missouri State does a great job at cooking a variety of food and making it really good but sometimes dorm food is just too much. Qdoba is just a short walk away and is definitely worth the walk.

The veggie burgers and grilled chicken are hidden

If you want a healthier option just ask.

Use the gym

The freshman 15 is real and we also have a local version... the Mo State 28 (which is also real) so go use the super awesome rec center.

Going out every weekend WILL drain your bank account

It is fun to go out, but it is not worth the cover charge of every club you want to hop to. That $5 cover charge will add up in a night and in a weekend so save your money and pick and choose when to go out.

If you have a bad roommate, request a change

It is okay to change rooms. Your room will become your home away from home and it should be a place you feel comfortable being. Talk to your RA if you ever have any issues. It is what they are there for and they would love to help you.

Party with friends and not acquaintances... there's a difference

Acquaintances will go out with you and leave you at a club alone with a strange guy and not care if you get home because they didn't tell you they were leaving. Friends will stay with you no matter what and will make sure you get home. There is a real and important difference. Learn it.

Use the Bear CLAW

The Bear CLAW is a free tutoring resource located in the library. You can drop in or make an appointment but the tutors are amazing and reliable. You can check online to see who and what is being held when. Also, a lot of departments on campus have their own tutoring center and those are also heaven sent.

Most of the PSU vendors do not take gift cards

Tragic but true; Starbucks does take them though! Save those gift cards for when you go home and use your Boomer Meals instead.

Don't buy every t-shirt you see

Missouri State's t shirt game is strong but you do not need every one you see. Take it from me, it is WAY too much to pack.

Go to the activities that are put on

Anything that SAC gets their hands on is a TON of fun and it is all free. Might as well take advantage of it.

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