Suppression is real for this one

Prisoner 01274-366. Please come to the door. Stretch your hands forward so I can cuff your two free hands. Now, enter the room before you. Time for your last meal request. Give me one glass of Blanc des Millenaires 1995. That can't be done. We only serve local. Well, give it your best. At least let me go with a drink. The Prisoner 01274-366 after his one fine drink, without any struggle, enters the death chamber for his eternal slumber.

The Prisoner 01274-366's action is a testimony on how suppression is real in society. The fact that Prisoner 01274-366 willingly gave up on his life—the innate human characteristic of struggle to the bitter end, the struggle in which makes us truly human…swapping with the subjugation of the doctrines of the society: the morality, religion, pseudo hope, memories of not yourself but on how the society shaped you to live, compromise, and finally acceptance. Not even being able to make a choice purely of his own creation—the last meal was a choice ordered by the system in place in society.

Prisoner 01274-366 is immobilized. Strapped unto the bed. Execution commencing at 3:33 pm on Friday in the year 2013. As the drug enters the vein of the prisoner, memories rush through the mind of the prisoner like a tsunami. The prisoner seems to have been once a part of a terrorist organization about to execute the hostages. During the remembrance of the memories, a realization comes in on the fact that the hostages did not struggle as well. For the hostages, it was the end of their lines, but the hostages were so suppressed by the society or rather the fear that the society used and in that the hostages again willingly gave up on their lives, without any struggles, because they lost hope.

In the moment before death, Prisoner 01274-366 questions in his mind on what makes a society such a different existence than other ideologies of this world? Democratic society had the suppression through tools such as morality, education, religion, laws, and conscience while tyrannical society had the suppression through fear. All in all, it was the realization that society in whatever forms it may be…it was suppressing humanity all along from achieving and realizing its humanity where we live our lives, not the society. How is the terrorist that commences suppression of society through fear is different from that of the democratic society that suppresses individuals through rules and death sentence? Bottom line, the difference was so thin. And then through this realization, a thought crossed within the mind of Prisoner 01274-366. If there is not much of a difference within the nature of the society where suppression is real, then wouldn't it be OK to break the rules for once and do good at least once in your life? The society's nature is not so different than other of its form…if this so-called society condemns justice or persecutes injustice such as that of human rights—abuses of women in many forms such as prostitution (where women become vulnerable), stereotypes, and or abuses of those who are weak such as children through orphan trading, child brides, and in many other forms…should we just blindly obey the society and just willingly accept that that is just the way how the society is; accepting and submitting to the suppression. Many injustices are blatantly happening right within our views. The real victims of society are crying out for help. But the Prisoner 01274-366 realized that the time has come for death to replace the soul. That the hopeful wish or dreams are all useless because we never acted when we had the chance in life to do so. Besides society never gave second chance in life. The suppression is real on this one.

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