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Don't Apologize For Making Your Mental Health A Priority

The world deserves the best (and happiest) version of you.

Don't Apologize For Making Your Mental Health A Priority

Something I've learned recently is that life is short and I deserve to be happy. In order to be living my best life, I need to prioritize my needs and my emotions. Of course, I don't mean become "big-headed" or selfish, but you definitely shouldn't be taking a back seat on your own life.

I believe there is something wrong with the way we view mental health today. It's seen as a taboo subject and something that just isn't talked about enough until the next celebrity commits suicide. News flash: mental health is a HUGE problem and it deserves our attention constantly. Instead of looking down on or away from those with mental illness, we should be supporting them and looking for ways to help one another.

There's a lot of times when people think those with depression are "lazy" but the truth is, they simply aren't sacrificing their mental health for school, work, or whatever it might be. Cheers to them! It's so important to never lose sight of what's really important. You will get your homework done. You can reschedule that date with friends.

Maybe you had a really terrible day and your depression is just tearing you apart. Talk about it. We shouldn't be afraid to do so. The only way to defeat stigma is to talk about it! If you're having a really hard time staying focused in class and need a little extra help or an extension, talk to your professor. You should never feel like you have to push your mental health to the back burner simply to be a good student. You can be a good student and take care of yourself, you just have to communicate!

I understand it can be scary to wonder what others might think when you have to do certain things to help yourself, but guess what? YOU are important. YOU deserve to be happy.

So do what you have to do to help yourself. Take a nap. Go to therapy. Cancel those lunch plans and reschedule for when you're feeling better. Cut off those toxic relationships. Stick up for yourself.

Always remember: if you scrape your knee you put a band-aid on and let it heal. The same goes for your brain. Do what's necessary and let it do some healing.

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