Does Prince Charming Exist?

One night, I was having dinner with one of my friends and he mentioned something about watching how people interact with each other. He spoke about you can tell how someone feels about someone else based on the way they talk to them or act towards them. I'm sure we've all looked the signs that someone likes you, based on their feet positions. Personally, I think these signs are complete crap. I have a problem with how relationships are nowadays.

If you've ever looked at someone while you're talking to them about anything, then you can tell if they are really listening to you. I have this thing where I like to almost stare at someone while I'm talking to them and I have to force myself to look at away from them because if I don't then I feel like I'm not completely listening to them. Eye contact is weird. You could honestly look at anyone you see on the street and have them thinking that you think that they're attractive. Since when did it become abnormal to look at someone?

The age that I am at is the age that people used to get married at about fifty years ago and even though times have changed, I am still asked almost everyday when I am going to find a nice boy to marry. Everywhere I go, I see boys who are attractive and nice, but they just aren't the right people. Honestly, I don't know who the "right" guy is. I decided a long time ago that I was going to give my love and my heart up to God and let him be in charge of all of that because I can't control any of that.

I wish that someone could come and turn on a neon sign that says "He is the one" whenever the right guy comes along. I have met so many people that are really nice, but for some reason, none of those people are "ready" for a relationship or they aren't looking for anything at the moment. Either guys are looking for something quick or the guys that want something longer are not around me. I think that I might just be looking the wrong way. Maybe I'll meet him at church or in a class.

The most important thing I've learned about relationships (says the girl not in one) is that the best ones are unexpected. I don't really know how something can be unexpected because if you aren't expecting something, then aren't you still expecting something to not happen? I think that my problem is that I am in college and that the boys in college are either worried about themselves or they are still too immature.

Something I like to say to my friends who are in relationships is that I'm never going to get married. This decision is not by choice, but instead I say this because I don't think anyone wants to either marry me or be with me. I'm not saying this as if to jinx myself and to hopefully have the earth work my way and lead me to happiness, but to merely state a fact. Since when did it become required to always be in a relationship? I have heard so many people be asked when they are going to go out again even if they've just ended a relationship.

I honestly don't think that there is a perfect person for everyone because we all have our flaws and our difficulities. Don't get me wrong, I believe in soulmates and love at first sight, but I don't want to be getting married at thirty-two or forty-five. I have made a deal with myself, that if I'm not married before thirty, then I'm not going to get married at all. Now this is a big statement to make for someone who isn't in a relationship at all right now.

I hope that for everyone reading this, if you aren't in a relationship that you and I both get to be in one in the new year (probabaly not me and the person reading this, but you get the point). If you are in a relationship, I hope that you get engaged or married or have a child or do something radical. May we all have the best of luck in the new year in all of our relationships.

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