Primavera Sound is the Place to be

Primavera Sound is the place to be

They don't just offer line-ups, they show you Barcelona and distribute a variety of continuity of various locations to share music lovers and the community.


Primavera Sound has established itself as one of the best music festivals in the world. Set in Barcelona, Spain, it holds several characteristics that make thousands of people to attend every year.

First off, it's in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia and second largest city in Spain. The festival is in Parc del Forum, which is on the Spanish coast and Barcelona has beautiful weather to go with it (72 F or 22 C in average).

Lastly, Primavera Sound is known for its variety of music artists they put in for a four-day lineup. A catalogue of various sounds that everyone can enjoy, including the multiple locations of various acts in the city as well like the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona.

CCCBChristopher Kilkenny

According to Primavera Sound's press, over 60,000 people per day attended at Parc del Forum with Saturday individual tickets were sold out. The total numbers accumulate up to 210,000 people from 126 countries, with the addition of attendees at the CCCB.

The festival ran from Wednesday May 30th – Sunday June 3rd. Wolf Parade and Belle and Sebastian launched the first day. Thursday would be recognizing as the actual fiesta of seeing the plethora of music Primavera offers. The mainstages Seat and Mango filled with Madrid's chick band Hinds, The War on Drugs, Chvrches, Bjork and Warpaint.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds was by far one the best performance of the festival, with Cave electrifying the crowd with his charisma.

The BreedersChristopher Kilkenny

Each day had something for everyone. The next day The Breeders, Mogwai, The National, Father John Misty, Tyler the Creator, Haim and Ty Segall and the Freedom Band were the performers. The only unfortunate news of that day was Atlanta trap trio Migos missing their flight to Barcelona.

British grime rapper Skepta came in short notice and Spanish local band Los Planetas filled in Migos time slot. As much to hear Offseat, Quavo and Takeoff turn up the Seat stage, it did not disarm fans and attendees, due to how much Primavera offers.

Cigarettes After SexChristopher Kilkenny

Cigarette After Sex, Jorja Smith and Thundercat are a few acts that need to mention as underated performers.

The final day at Parc del Forum, headliners Car Seat Headrest, Lorde, A$AP Rocky and Arctic Monkeys revitalize the crowds. Beach House brought their dream pop magic at the Apple Music stage.

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (SURVIVE) performing music from Netflix's show Stranger Things, at the Auditori de Barcelona was a visual pleaser, drawing eerie synth-wave sounds early afternoon before the festival doors opened.

Jane Birkin sings with the Birkin Gainsbourg Symphonic behind her. The other gems like Slow Dive, Jay Som, Tom Misch, Deer Hunter, Oneohtrix Point Never, Lykki Li, The Blaze are part of the several few that performed beautifully if you weren't in the direction of the Seat and Mango stages.

Ty SegallChristopher Kilkenny

Dj Coco closed the festival, enclosing a 4:15 a.m. set for the remaining several thousand as the Spanish dawn arises.

Primavera Sound is an example of a festival to experience somewhere beyond common popularity in the United States. It showcases to have the apparition to travel and venture to something different and spectacular.

They don't just offer line-ups, they show you Barcelona and distribute a variety of continuity of various locations to share music lovers and the community.

Primavera Sound has been taken place since 2001, over 17 years of success they've continue other launches like Primavera Pro and will make their next move to Porto, Portugal with NOS Primavera Sound.

To know more about Primavera Sound, checkout their website here.

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Christopher Kilkenny

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Mel·a·nin - /ˈmelənən/



A dark brown to black pigment occurring in the hair, skin, and iris of the eye in people and animals. It is responsible for tanning of skin exposed to sunlight.


An indicator of a threat. Ironic how every living being contains some form of it. And yet somehow, it's the very thing that separates the world.


I grew up with the notion that less was more. Lighter, lighter I had to be. The sun was ugly. I was ugly. This was a notion drilled into my skull.


How is it that the very makes of my skin differentiate me from everyone and anyone in the world? How it can unify me with some, but not others? Why not all?


I find myself questioning over and over again how this could truly be a bad thing. Was I ashamed, or was I taught to be ashamed? My aunties glare at me.


Perhaps this was the truth. "Mother knows best" does she not? My brown skin frowned at me as I frowned in return. This skin of mine, this body, was not right. Right?


The minute you begin to question is the minute everything you know begins to fall apart. Let the chaos fall as the truth shall rise thereafter.


I educated myself on the principles of self-acceptance, worth, and love. I found myself unlearning everything I knew and relearning everything I needed to know.


I wear it as an adornment. A blessing in disguise this entire time. The richness sets me ablaze as I learn to fall in love over and over again.


I have become deaf to those who think otherwise. I raise those who doubt their own up to the sky, the sun, and let them bask in the beauty of its beams. The fears are not so scary anymore.


Or so I'd like the world to believe.

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10 Things I Hope To Teach My Daughter

Subsets of a much larger list.


If I could take the sum of knowledge from my many mistakes and just hand it to you, I would but this is a good start.

My sweet girl,

If I could wrap the hundreds of life lessons learned through my own mistakes in a tiny little package and hand them to you I would do it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, in life, there are many things we just have to learn for ourselves, even when our mothers do warn us. Here is a small part of the tons of things I hope you learn from me and carry on through life.


Someday some of the people that have laid the foundation for who you are won't be here anymore. Many of the memories that shaped your thinking, molded your personality and made you smile for decades to come are only memories in your own head. Remember that those people built you, they laid each brick, spread the mortar and continued until you became the beautiful human that you are, you have every piece of them that they so kindly gave you with you always, revel in that.


Read. Everything. As much and as often as you can. Read beautiful stories that make you long for a fantastical world that exists beyond reach. Read stories that make you cry until your belly hurts either because they are sad themselves or because they are over and you just loved those characters so much. Read stories about history and have a firm basis of the struggle so many people made to give you the rights, freedoms, luxuries and education you have now. Read things that you disagree with so fervently it hurts inside your bones to even read it. Knowledge is power baby, at the end of the day with this crazy thing we call life the only thing that you have no matter what is yourself and your mind, feed it.


Friends will come and go, some will stay but often the ones you think will, don't. Keep this in mind and keep your guard up to not get hurt but still, cherish your friends. Laugh with them, make memories with them. Do silly things with them that you can laugh and tell your own kids about someday. Make six boxes of macaroni at once when you learn to cook with your best friend and mom is asleep. Throw that water balloon in the house. If your friends need help, help them. If your friends need love, love them. When you grow a garden you don't know which plants will take off and grow but you water them all anyway, water your friendships the same way. You will have friends that break your heart but you will never regret the beautiful memories friendship can bring.


Never let someone silence you if you have something important to say. Never be afraid to say what you think you have to. People will disagree; sometimes they will bring up things and inform you and you may shift your opinion — always carry an open mind and a willingness to see something from someone else's view, sometimes they will just be dead wrong and have no care that that's the case. Speak it anyway. Words are one of a few things in this world that are permanent, once they are spoken you cannot take them back. Use your heart and your mind before you talk, if you are speaking from a place of educated kindness; speak it loud and proud baby.


Protect yourself, always and in every way. Be aware of your surroundings, be aware of the people you surround yourself with, be aware of the situations you put yourself into, with that being said, live. Don't let the harsh uncertainties of this world keep you from making beautiful memories in it. Those that seek to fill you with fear have won if you live your life in it. Trust your gut, use your brain and live life to the fullest.


There will be days where you are not okay, days where you are okay with letting the world win because you just don't have the energy to compete. Days like my mom said where you are the fly and life is the windshield. That's okay. Take a day, breathe, relax, sleep, sing, paint do whatever it is you need to do to feel like your world butt-kickin' self again. If you need help, ask for it. It is okay not to be okay, let yourself not be okay, find the tools you need to feel okay then get up and get back on the horse.


Dream so big that when you tell people your dreams they laugh in your face. I did, and people laughed and their laughter became the soundtrack of my path to success. No one can put limitations on you but yourself, refuse to let that happen. You are capable of anything you put your mind to. Big dreams take hard work, they take dedication and a fiery desire to reach them; don't ever think it will be easy but know without a doubt it will be worth it.


Eat the dang pizza. Yes, health is important and you want to treat your body well but eat the pizza. I don't care whose watching, I don't care if it's your first date with a cute boy and you feel obligated to order the salad, eat the pizza and eat as much of it as you want. At the end of the day, we all end up in the same shaped hole in the ground or dust in a jar anyway, eat all that damn pizza.


Never feel obligated to smile because someone tells you to. You are entitled to your own feelings and emotions and no one can tell you how you feel. Don't ever hide your true feelings to meet societal standards or for the sake of someone else. So long as you are a respectable and kind human in those feelings, share them.


Remember that no matter how many years pass, how old you may become, how many miles may eventually come between us, how many arguments we hopefully don't have in your teens; so long as we are on this Earth your dad and I will always be there for you no matter what. You always have two people in your corner who will love you despite your mistakes, fight alongside you in your battles, hold you while you cry if you lose and cheer the loudest when you win. This world can be a big scary place and a playground of opportunity all at once remember no matter what you always have your momma to run to and never ever forget how much I love you

Cover Image Credit:

Chyanna Scherer

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