11 Reasons Why Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Would Be A Better President Than The Current Candidates
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11 Reasons Why Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Would Be A Better President Than The Current Candidates

He's the hero we need but don't deserve.

11 Reasons Why Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Would Be A Better President Than The Current Candidates

After quite some time of silence from Dwayne Johnson in the news, a lot has happened. "The Rock" has let everyone know he will be joining YouTube and that he would like to run for president someday.

Wait, what!?

Back in March, Johnson revealed that he wouldn't rule out politics as a career. This has come back to light, and here's the best part: if he ran in this presidential election, he could win. Here's why I think Johnson would be a better president than any of the current candidates.

1. He's a "Stronger" Candidate

Okay, I really just wanted to make this pun. It's true though-- overall, he's a stronger person. He can last longer on a stage/in front of crowds, he knows how to work a crowd better, and he knows how to not piss people off... which both of the current candidate are, sadly, not that great it.

2. He's Charitable

Everyone knows that Dwayne Johnson is a charitable guy. He donated so much money ($1 million) to the University of Miami that they named a locker room after him. Johnson has also showed support for other charities, including but nor limited to the Make-A Wish Foundation, Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation, I Have a Dream Foundation, Make The Difference Network, Red Cross, and Until There's a Cure.

3. He is Well-Liked

Johnson already has a fans in over 130 countries around the world. Johnson would be easily accepted by not just his fan base, but by people around the world because of his fan base.

4. He is Trustworthy

I don't even know why, but I trust him with my life. I can't explain it, but he's a trusting person. Look at that face! That smile! I feel like he would never lie to me, and it's important for a President to be trusted by his nation.

5. There is Already a Movement

People already want The Rock for president. There's no hiding it, people have been petitioning and trying to get his attention for a while now-- we all want it. It's time to stop fighting and accept it: President Rock is coming.

6. He is Appealing for Every Party

I didn't know Johnson's party until I started researching for this article. He's a republican. As a democrat, I don't even care. At this point, he's still better than the candidates we have just because he's The Rock. Since Trump has "tossed his toupee in the ring," anyone is starting to look like a good republican candidate.

7. He is Respectful

I have personally never heard a story about Johnson disrespecting anyone. He respects military, law enforcement, his fans, his co-workers, athletes, basically everyone. It's really beautiful-- especially since each of the other candidates (Yes, I'm considering Johnson a candidate now) has shown disrespect to multiple people. Also, can you imagine a certain toupee covered orange crayon trying to speak with a leader from another country? I can, and it's kind of scary.

8. He's a Family Man

He's a faithful family man, to correct myself. Being faithful just feeds to the fact that he's trustworthy-- we all want a President who we can trust and who won't turn his back on those he loves.

9. He is Used to a Hectic Schedule

Being the President comes with a lot of duties. And by a lot, I actually mean way too many. Being able to handle a crazy schedule is just one of the pre-requisites to being the Leader of the Free World. As a former WWE fighter, an actor, and keeping himself in shape he can handle a busy schedule.

10. He is Hard Working

Come on, look at him. You don't get that body by saying, "Oh, if I go 1100% today I can go 70% tomorrow!" No. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson goes 110% every single second of every single day. He's a boss, and with his hard work and determination he will make America fabulous.

11. He's Currently Living the American Dream

Johnson grew up humble and built his way to the top. He worked hard, he was dedicated, and he got what he wanted. He was never given what he wanted, he earned it. As someone who has been on both teams, he can relate to everyone and he knows what America really needs.

So, can you smell what The Rock is cooking? I can, and it smells a lot like his title may be changing to Mr. President in the not-so-far future.

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