Preparing For Finals Week As Told By Gavin Memes

Preparing For Finals Week As Told By Gavin Memes

If any child could understand what it's like to be in any situation thought of, it's Gavin

What it’s like to raise Gavin, the 6-year-old whose moods became memes

G sGavin. If any child could understand what it's like to be in any situation thought of, it's Gavin. The child that no one really knows, but we all love mainly due to his countless memes. If anyone can relate to me in any situation it's Gavin. Gavin has countless memes and faces that describe my every mood. Especially during finals week, Gavin easily describe the moods of any college student.

1. Realizing finals are already here and you are no where near prepared

Finals crept up on me again, and I am trying to prepare myself, but it does not seem to be working out as planned.

2. Deciding which class is worth studying for the most

When you have 10,000 classes to study for you sometimes have to pick and choose which ones are the most important to you. It's almost as bad as me deciding which Netflix show I want to binge-watch.

3. When you are on your 5th cup of coffee, yet you still aren't energized

Coffee is already the love of my life, but now more than ever. But even with all of the coffee I drink, it isn't enough. I still feel sluggish and I am constantly contemplating whether this college thing is even worth it.

4. When someone asks how studying is going

We all know this is the worst question to ask... You're actually doing horrible, but like Gavin you put the thumbs up and make it seem as if you aren't crashing and burning.

5. When you see snap stories of your friends having fun and you are on hour 10 in Dacus

I don't think I will ever understand how people find the time to have fun while trying to study for finals at the same time. My definition of fun during finals weeks is being able to eat and find time for sleep.

6. Realizing EVERYTHING is due on the last day of classes

It's the worst feeling ever when you realize everything, and I mean everything you have to do for your classes happen to all be due at the same time: Monday at 11:59pm. You think you have more time to prepare yourself, but let's be honest you don't. You'll be burning the midnight oil to get everything done.

7. When you finally start to relax but remember you have an extra credit assignment due

This leads to further contemplation on whether you actually want to complete the extra credit assignment or not. It is extra credit, but I mean sleep is important to.

8. Calling your parents saying you want to drop out but they tell you no

There are just some days when you want to quit, but you parents clearly won't let you. They've paid too much money and done way too much to get you here and you can't even argue.

9. When you thought you had been really productive for at least 2 hours, but only 10 minutes have gone by

Working in the library seems as thought it would be productive, but the time seems to move much, much slower there.

10. Waking up on the day of your first exam

Self explanatory...

If Gavin can get through life, so can we. Good luck to everyone on finals!

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