School is about to start again, and whether you are an incoming freshman, a graduating senior, or something in between, this checklist will help prepare you for the first day.

1. Have your sleep schedule back on track

If you're anything like me, then during breaks, no matter how long, your sleep schedule gets way out of wack. Try getting it together before classes start. It will make it easier to wake up that first day.

2. Get your textbooks

Shop around for the cheapest textbooks for each class so you don't get stuck paying hundreds of dollars. Maybe try renting.

3. Know where your classes are

You don't want to show up 15 minutes late on the first day.

4. Have something to write with

Pen or pencil, either is fine, just make sure to always come prepared.

5. Have some form of paper

You'll need something to write on. Whether for notes or doodles, it's good to have.

6. Print your syllabus for each class

Teachers love when you are prepared. First impressions matter.

7. Make time to eat

Your body needs to get used to eating on a schedule again. Bring a snack in your bag if you need to.

8. Deep clean your dorm room

Because trust me, you won't feel like it when classes start.

9. Visit your family

The start of classes can get busy, make time before that to visit your family. Your mom will thank you.

10. Prepare an answer for "What's an interesting fact about yourself?"

There is nothing worse than not knowing what to say when the teacher asks you to introduce yourself.

Good luck on your first day and I hope you have an amazing semester!!