Praise To The Overachiever
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Praise To The Overachiever

This one is for the people who always 'do too much'

Praise To The Overachiever

Your schedule is always packed full. From school to work, to school to work, to community service - it seems like you never get a break. Sleeping in seems like a foreign concept to you, and you are often labeled by friends as "the most hardworking person they know." Some people envy you. Others, simply through pity, say they could never put up with all that you do.

You're what is known as an overachiever. It's been in your blood since the day you were born. You came out of the womb with a pen in one hand and a hammer in the other. As the old saying goes, 'busy hands are happy hands' and boy, there are no happier hands than yours. Your farthest intention is to seem rude, but scheduling everything from a get together with your best friend, to even the most exciting first date, is difficult. Telling people that yes, you do in fact work both weeks and weekends makes perfect sense to you, but gets you skeptical looks from everyone else. You have turned down countless parties, often labeling themselves 'the banger of the year' and every single time you have been scorned for it. Friends ask why you can't just take a day off, and you don't know how to tell them that it is absolutely impossible.

Sometimes it all seems like too much. You're tired and downright run ragged. There are so many people doing so much less than you and, as of right now, it seems like they are doing just as well. You see people who go to school part time, and still never have to worry about money. In fact, they seem to be doing even better,because they have a full party life, and never seem exhausted to their wit's end the way you are. You wonder if maybe you should tone down your workload, or just give up.

However, you know that soon enough it is all going to pay off. Your daily hustle will create the successful life you have always wanted. The money you have saved up and the resume you have pushed to create will set you not just ten, but twenty steps ahead of the people who spent their young adult years partying nonstop. One day you will be on top, the very best version of you. You know that your life will be all that you ever hoped for.

So here's to you. Your work ethic is every employers' best dream, and you know to never give up. In fact, 'give up' is not even in the list of activities you know how to do. Always far ahead of everyone else, you will constantly rise above to see what's in store. Let's raise a toast to the overachievers in the room. Only one drink though! We have work in the morning.

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