Practical Christmas Gifts Every College Student Wants/Needs
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Practical Christmas Gifts Every College Student Wants/Needs

"What should I get you for christmas?"

Practical Christmas Gifts Every College Student Wants/Needs

Everyone struggles around the holiday season because they are bombarded with the question "What should i get you for Christmas?" Even getting gifts for others is a challenging task. It truly is a struggle, because we think of things daily that we want or need, but come the holiday season we seem to draw a blank on our list! I asked feedback from my college aged Facebook friends on some practical gifts they want or need this holiday season!

"Clothing from" -Alyssa H.

"Money!" -Jenny D.

"For your parents to pay a bill..... is that a thing? It should be..." -Lynn T.

"Snacks, groceries, leftovers, food of all kind.I would settle for leftovers as a gift along with a fuzzy blanket" -Sarah K.

"Fitbit" -Lauren G.

"Bath bomb, sweaters, fuzzy socks, makeup" -Hannah S.

"Portable chargers!" -Alexa D.

"Money, gift cards, food, a rain jacket" -Abby B.

"Gift cards, fuzzy socks, electronics, clothing" Kara R.

"Restaurant gift cards! Applebee's, Steak 'n Shake...." -Dylan A.

"Brita water filter pitcher" -Julia W.

"Headphones to block all the annoying people out" -Brittany S.

"Anything related to appliances for apartments and dorms" -Teha L.

"A vacuum?? Sure hope so!" -Jenn V. (parent of a college student)

"Cash" -Sam R.

"Money...Lot's of money" Tabby G.

"Socks" -Grace W.

"Gas money" -Mikayla K.

"Ninja bullet to make smoothies and protein shakes, booties, and sweaters!" -Haley S.

"Protein! Gaming systems, sentimental items of the fam" -Michael R.

"A fashionable scarf, portable USB charger." -Garret L.

"A parka, gas gift cards, blankets." -Alexa D.

"Money!" -Alicia T.

"SOCKS" -Sierra B.

"Laptop" -Shana F.

"Clothes, shoes, makeup, money" -Maggie T.

"Socks and a crockpot." -Hannah G.

"Walmart Gift Cards." -Madison B.

"Food" -Rachel J.

"Gas cards" Mackenzie S.

"coffee gift cards, phone cases, MONEYYYYYY" -Madi C.

"Chick fil a gift card if there is such a thing" -Autumn H.

"My student loans paid." -Victoria L

"I'm sure all of us would like gas gift cards, winter clothing, and food gift cards." -Frankie M.

"Pizza Rolls and Warm Fuzzy Socks" -Megan C.

The college students have spoken! There's some ideas from real college students on what they would like Santa to have under the tree for them! Happy Holidays.

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