Power Outage
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Power Outage
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No Power, dead phone, no tv this sucks.

You are sitting in the living room, watching tv while browsing on your phone and everything is normal Till the power goes out all of a sudden, you find out that you may not get power back close to three or four days from now. What would you do? Could you candle no power that long?

I have figured out that there are three types of people when something like this happen, you be the judge to see which type you are.

The “I’m going to die” type.

These are the types of people who instantly freak out and at first are in denial, denial because they keep plugging things and flipping light switches on and off. These types of countdown each and every second till the power comes back on, if offered a chance to go to a friend’s house or someone’s house with power they will bolt instantly.

The slow burner.

These are the types where they seem fine without power, they were calm and okay. But once the dusts and the initial shock wears off, reality sinks in… The house becomes too quiet and then they freak out as well, not as bad the previous type but they do. They don’t like the silence, the darkness and the quietness. These types tend to either go to bed early to sleep it off or are the first ones to volunteer to run to the store to get food or whatever is needed.

The last types are the ones who don’t mind.

These are the types of people who don’t mind it at all, while they realize there are cons to the situation they generally are alright with the situation. They will grab a book to read, invite everyone to play a card or board game. They enjoy times like these because it forces everyone to bond in ways that have in some cases faded in popularity.

I found myself to be more of the third option, that’s just me though I am a bit of an odd ball. All in all these aren’t the types, some are accurate some aren’t. There is nothing wrong with being the type who freaks out, the type who can’t handle it for too long or even the type who disappears to read a book alone. We are all different in our own ways, but we can all agree on the fact that when the power goes out and we are forced to entertain ourselves without phones and tv, we can engage ourselves in bonding ways and conversations.

We also must remember to thank those who work hard to provide citizens with power to their homes, and thank them for their hard work. When there is a power outage we all know that they are out there regardless of the weather doing what they can to fix the issues, and bring power back to your house.

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