The Power Of Education
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The Power Of Education

What building the right environment does

The Power Of Education

1932: The kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded.

24 years later, in 1956: The first school for girls in Saudi Arabia opened.

Children, whether seven, eleven or fifteen, had to start somewhere with this journey of knowledge. For my mother, that’s when she started her education with her older and younger sisters in the same class.

Like anything new, some families were hesitant to send their children to school. My grandfather, however, strongly believed in the importance of education. All his children needed to finish at least high school because to him education meant having a type of power that cannot be taken away.

Education. The hours spent in searching, reading, and comprehending.

Education. An endless cycle of sharpening one’s pencil.

Education. Pages and pages of ink on paper.

1967: Women were allowed to attend college in Saudi Arabia.

1980: My mother received her medical degree from King Saud University.

Education builds nations.

Education transforms civilizations.

Education changes circumstances.

My mother had my grandfather’s support. Without his guidance and constant urgency for his children to have a proper education, I highly believe that mom wouldn’t be in the same place that she is now.

I also know that had my mom not have the discipline to work hard and persevere in the journey to get this education, she wouldn’t have been able to reach where she is now.

Education. Education. Education.

My hometown in not a huge place. It doesn’t have the tall buildings of New York or the vast landscapes in California.

My hometown has merchants like my grandfather that traveled around to spread his ideas but to also gain knowledge and learn.

My hometown had girls like my mother that worked hard in order to reach where they always dreamed of being, a place where you can live and act independently. A place where you do all this in order to help others in need.

My hometown had boys and girls, who if taught to love education and if raised to understand the values of discipline and hard work, will blossom and create amazing things.

This is not a story about success. This is not a story about achievements, though I couldn’t help but mention them.

This is the story about the passion needed to learn and grow. This is about Education in its purest form.

To help others.

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