Movies and Books have a lot of power. They can change the ability of someones day to be bad to good . Books are often used as a form of teaching , and I'm just talking about textbooks either. They teach lessons on love, death, etc. There is no end about this. Reading is a form of escape for many people as well . Books like Hugo and Tale of Despereaux play on dreams to help the reader image this world. This inturn makes the reader happy.

One night after studying for a long time, I found one of my favorite movies on YouTube, Life is Beautiful . If you haven't seen this movie, do it. You won't regret it. It changed my mood completely. Granted , I stopped half way through because the end-spoilers . I was having a crappy day until I found the movie, and it just made my day better. There is no other way to describe it. Even though I had watched this movie before, I could'n't help but gigile as Guido tries to win Dora.

I could talk about movies and books for a long time, but instead I'll say this . Just go watch a movie or read a book instead

Thanks for reading! :)