9 Post Spring Break Struggles Everyone Faces
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Student Life

9 Post Spring Break Struggles Everyone Faces

I'm. So. Tired.

9 Post Spring Break Struggles Everyone Faces
Taylor Robinson

It's the week back from Spring break and it's the worst week imaginable. After having a week of no worries or care in the world, it is really hard to get back into the swing of things. I know I'm struggling hard with this post Spring break funk/depression. Here are some things everyone is struggling with now that we are back from school:

1. Catching up on studying and homework.

The motivation and drive to do homework when you return to school are the worst. There's nothing harder than sitting down to do homework or study after a long week of avoiding it and forgetting it exists.

2. Getting back on a normal sleep schedule.

After a week of going to sleep late and sleeping in till whenever you want, it is rough getting yourself back on your sleep schedule for work and school.

3. Turning notifications back on for your group message.

If you're like me, you muted your email and all your group messages or group apps over break. Usually getting notifications doesn't annoy me too much, but after a week of not having any of them, it broke my heart to turn them back on and have to participate in group chats again.

4. Checking Blackboard.

Checking Blackboard is a part of your everyday routine, so when you check it for the first time in a week, it sucks. Seeing your grades again and all your assignments due soon is the worst.

5. Having to see everyone you forgot existed for a week.

My favorite part of break was getting a getting a break from everyone I want to avoid and not see. So coming back and having to see those people again instantly makes me grumpy and wish I was back on break.

6. Looking at your Spring break pictures and crying at how much you miss it.

Looking through photos from Spring break can be fun, but if you're like me, it just makes you sad and wish you were still having that much fun.

7. Having your first mental breakdown when you realize how much you have left to do this semester.

The last month of school is the roughest. Coming back and seeing your long list of assignments to do before the semester is over will result in a lot of mental breakdowns. Don't worry, you'll get through this and survive.

8. Then freaking out, because you're not ready for the semester to be over and to leave your friends.

Personally, I am so ready for the semester to be over. However, I also dread the semester ending because I'm not ready to leave my friends or see them graduate.

9. Being tired. ALL. THE. TIME.

You'll probably find yourself feeling tired ALL. THE. TIME. It's normal, just take a nap and you'll feel better.

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