Spring Break. The peak of the second semester, and the time to really make it count. Unfortunately, it can only last for so long, and then we’re back on campus. We slip into a slump of the Post Spring Break Blues, where our motivation is lower than the outside temperature and waking up for a class is actually impossible.

1. It starts with landing back on campus, and honestly it’s a miracle you survived the plane ride full of screaming babies, turbulence and stale pretzels. For paying so much money you’d think there would be better snacks.

2. Then you remember about the four papers, three exams, five quizzes, and the project due the week after break, and you try to forget about it all again. Why did you leave the beach and the margaritas behind?

3. While you’re pulling all-nighters (paying for all the work you didn’t do) all your friends from different schools who are still on break keeping blowing up your feed with pictures from Cancun, and sending you snaps from sandy beaches.

4. You finally break, and you ask for an extension. Your professor asks you, “why didn’t you do it last week?”

5. Post-Break is especially bad if you didn’t go anywhere “exciting” and all your friends come back super tan and full of great stories. Eventually, you just stop caring about who got drunk where and did what.

6. It’s bad enough coming back to campus to mountains of work, but why are there still piles of snow on the ground in April?

7. You survive the Post-Spring-Break-Hell-Week, and when you get your grades back, you are forced to reevaluate your choices you made on break. WHY DID I DO NOTHING ALL WEEK?

8. Then, you realize that the memories you made over vacation were worth it, because while school may come first, you needed a vacation to just kick back and relax.

9. So change your profile to that sick picture from Puerto Rico, and look back on the memories with friends as you slog through the rest of the semester. One month left!