After a week filled with roasting your skin under the sun, flushing your money down the toilet, and ignoring your pressing responsibilities, it's time to come back to reality. We are in the final stretch, and although spirits are starting to dwindle, we can ALWAYS rely on "The Office" to bring light to a bad day. So, in the wise words of Kevin Malone, "why waste time say lot word, when few words do trick," and let's get into it.

1. Returning from break and remembering that you live in a tundra

You brush your teeth. You put on your Michelin Man-like parka. You muster up the courage to walk out the front door, and BAM. You get ROCKED by -10 degree weather. Remember, you signed up for this. The cold will pass — summer is around the corner (kind of).

2. Sitting through your first lecture 

We all know the feeling. You're sitting through your first morning lecture when suddenly you feel the weight of a cinderblock pulling at your upper eyelid forcing them to shut. We immediately place the blame of our fatigue on the boring class content rather than the fact that we went to bed at 4 a.m. after twiddling our fingers for 3 hours. We do not shame this behavior, but do know that you will be sporting the classic Stanley Hudson facade all day.

3. Reuniting with your best friends after being separated for the week 

Nothing like some wholesome friendship to clear up your post-spring break blues. Find your nearest buddy and give them a warm hug, because you need it, they need it, and everyone loves it. So, go out there and spread the love.

4. Realizing mid-class that you only have two months left to get participation points 

Lights, camera, action. It is time to put on a show for your professors and GSIs. It is time to rack in participation points. As the semester dwindles down, participation points can be the deciding factor as to whether or not you go home crying or smiling from ear to ear. So, make sure you get a good shoulder stretch in before class because that hand better be ready to shoot through the air when questions are asked.

5. When your professor asks you what you did to study over the break 

Ample studying over spring break has to be one of the biggest myths of all time. Although it may put you a tad bit behind when you return to school, it is important that you use the free time given to you to refresh your mind and relax before the final push of the school year.

6. Cramming for the exam you were supposed to be studying for for the last month and resorting to obscure acronyms 

It's acronym time. If you are struggling to cram loads of information into your brain before the back to back exams the week we come back from break, take a tip out of Creed's notebook and start firing up those acronyms.

7. When assignments that you did not know you had to do over break sneak up on you 

CHECK THAT SYLLABUS. As the end of the school year approaches it is important to keep up with those minor assignments that professors sneak into the syllabus. Keep up with your work so you don't have to end up like Dwight.

8. Celebrating at the end of the week after doing the bare minimum 

After a full week of trying to recover from your spring break irresponsibility, you deserve to celebrate. Take some time to enjoy yourself, spend time with friends, and refuel for another impending week of work.