I've had my eye on Post Malone since his beginning.

I thought he had incredible music and an ear for what sounded good, regardless of genres. But it wasn't until recently that I started reading articles and watching interviews about him that I discovered Post Malone has got to be the most fascinating man in the music business.

There is nothing I want more than to have a conversation with him and get to know him. Everyone he meets seems to love him and I want to be among the people on that list.

Ever since he brought Jimmy Fallon to Olive Garden with him, it has been my biggest dream to go with him. It's my favorite restaurant too, so it's perfect. I just have too much in common with Post and for us to not be best friends would be a waste of life. Plus, he has an insane fashion sense and he could surely teach me a thing or two.

I have so many questions for him and no amount of interviews I watch is going to make up for it. I want to sit and talk about every tattoo he's gotten. He got all of them in such a short period of time and that's grounds for a long conversation.

I want to know how he can go from so sad in his music to seeming like he doesn't care about any of it because that's how I aspire to be. I have to see him in his element to figure out how he's stayed so humble. What makes him such a friendly and approachable guy?

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Post Malone shot to fame so fast and it's almost as though it hasn't hit him yet. He has so many amazing features on his albums and he's performed with some of the coolest people of all time (Aerosmith). He could hang out with anybody in the entertainment business or outside of it, and I'd bet every single person would have the best time.

He's such a good guy; no one ever has anything bad to say about him. But still, he speaks so nonchalantly about himself.

He has to know how cool he is, but I don't think that has any effect on his attitude. He doesn't care about what people think of him at all. He just makes music he likes; he doesn't care what genre it falls under and doesn't care who it reaches. He just wants to sound good and he wants to be productive.

Post is one of those artists who will be legendary and I feel lucky to just be able to see it happen. BUT, if by some small chance he does actually want to be my best friend, I would never say no.